01/13/2021 15:49

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. For the new traders how to swing SNDL to make money while building for long. Load at support, sell ah or pm spikes. rinse and repeat. Ive done this for 3 months. it consistently prints. I set my first sell order for 1/3 of my shares at .80 then 1 then 1.25. It typically hits .80 then dumps. reload at support and reset sell for .80 and forget the rest for rocket days. also if you have a sell order then your shares cannot be borrowed by the shorts. or on webull go to the lending option and turn it off. Just trying to help the new bulls. tips I wish I'd gotten in the first few weeks trading. good luck! ps. this is just my tactic for example only Im not an advisor
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taw***com01/13/2021 15:54
I've never seen it hit. 80

JohnyCa$h01/13/2021 15:56

Use your own numbers of course lol Just using examples for strategy.


InvestedGurl2201/13/2021 15:53
How do you turn that off on webull?

JohnyCa$h01/13/2021 15:57

I'll post a new comment and tag you


⚡Frontlines Investments⚡01/13/2021 15:51
how does this effect taxes?

HeyBuddy01/13/2021 15:53

Whats taxes do with this

JohnyCa$h01/13/2021 15:53

If you make gains you pay taxes, simple. lol Im not in the tax biz. I'm in the bull market biz 😆🤑✌️

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