02/21/2021 19:58

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. All I am saying there is noway 1.76 Billion of us are going to make it rich on a single grow operation.Maybe If we were the only one.But I know of at least thIrty.Several way bigger then these guys.open your Eyes ladies and gents.We need those with very large amounts to at least half there investment.If they don’t .This stock is done.Not only for me but all of us.No joke I am not making this up
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YOLO Boiiii!02/22/2021 00:02
go run with scissors.


Crispy Cream02/21/2021 20:33
you said this was your first stock, but now you are an expert on Sundial movement, and what's next. keep throwing the words "market cap" around, and maybe someone will actually think you know what you are talking about. go learn about macd or something.


rae***com02/21/2021 20:07
As i said before to the last moron this stock isnt going away anytime soon follow the hype not the stock its your responsibility to know when To buy and sell and apparently you suck at it

📉📈02/21/2021 21:19

I dont think you have looked at their market cap... its higher than SNDL

Rex***com02/21/2021 20:27

It was almost 5 dollars last week if you knew how to read charts you would know its going to Go higher than that very soon

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