02/22/2021 04:31

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. This is going to hit $7 very soon! How do I know? Because God showed me a vision of it being $7, and The Lord of Heavens Armies is not a man that He shall lie, and what He says will happen ALWAYS will happen! Thank Jesus! All glory and honor to The Lord Jesus Christ now and forevermore! 🙏🏾🙌🏾🔥 God bless you all and repent of your sins and give your lives to Jesus if you have not done so. Trading/Investing is cool and fun and all, but NOTHING matters more than having an intimate relationship with your Creator; For our relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ determines our eternal fate after leaving this temporary world. ❤️
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All Comments(12)

Apocalypse02/22/2021 07:20
Omg! this is not the place for your sermons. It’s people like you that make Christians look bad. If it’s an “intimate relationship” like you say, keep it to yourself then. You going to hell, for idiots shall enter heaven. 😆🙄


Sun***com02/22/2021 06:18
damn we all praying now


JLTP02/22/2021 06:12
you shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water whose Leaf shall not wither and all that he doeth shall prosper.... praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ..... all glory be to God.. Amen

sbr***com02/22/2021 06:17

Amen my brother praise The Lord! Much love always!


Baby Bull02/22/2021 06:06
others have had visions of this stock jumping.


John02/22/2021 05:21
How JESUS is a creator? Where did he mention that he created the universe?


B4C402/22/2021 04:55
I dont think God has any care for money unless it tithes says the church But im with you in praising His name Hopefully he does like this stock He did say partake in the herbs So we will see

sbr***com02/22/2021 04:59

You're right, God does not care about money, but He cares about blessing His children! He knows that money is a very great tool for His people to have in order to bless others, and that it is also needed to live a good life here on earth, especially in America. We are just called to not "idolize" and "serve" money, but to give it, and use it for His glory 🙌🏾

NiCo02/22/2021 04:57

He certainly did!!! Good comment!


Daystarof1ness02/22/2021 04:45
Beloved be incouraged and pay no attention to the haters. They Hate us Because we love Christ Jesus For the Love Of God. Even this Day God said to me. Oh thou my darlingest lover thou art my very soul! So be incouraged God is indeed with us! Praise God even our Lord Christ Jesus whom He has sent.

sbr***com02/22/2021 04:52

Amen! Glory to God Praise The Lord! Much love to you family


YoitsB02/22/2021 04:40


fof***com02/22/2021 04:40
an intimate relationship.... like, do I have to sleep with him?

Bin chook02/22/2021 05:15

Sbr: that sounds like an abusive relationship

Ashie Beans02/22/2021 04:54

You have to blow him or gtfo

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Harry Potter02/22/2021 04:37
I am God!

NiCo02/22/2021 05:02

Harry pooter thinks he’s GOD. I dont think you have to say hes a fool. sounds like he did that on his own.

sbr***com02/22/2021 04:50

Fool. Repent wholeheartedly


Zidane 02/22/2021 04:36
Good job buddy


Daystarof1ness02/22/2021 04:34
Good and faithful servant Enter into the Joy of Your Lord! I Am the First and the Last!


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