02/22/2021 15:28

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. If you want this to really climb you must quit trying to buy at low prices like 1.25 and buy the ask. Also you need to remove your sell orders until time to cash out, setting sell orders only helps drive down the market, it lets the market Know you plan to close your postion causing downtrend effects.
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Money02/22/2021 15:32
Buying more


Dnyce0902/22/2021 15:30
Are you a short trying too trick us you sneeky πŸ€‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jueller02/22/2021 15:36

@Dnyce09 What kind of short tells you to buy the Ask anyway? You must be GME new started with that bandwagon?

Jueller02/22/2021 15:32

Just trying to educate you newbies.

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cr.***com02/22/2021 15:29
1.25 is shorts trying to cover, dragging it down with a big low bid

Jueller02/22/2021 15:31

They not the only ones though, theirs a lot of newbies that have no idea, just hoping it drops that low so they can jump in expecting it to recover. But once you start that downtrend its hard to reverse, gotta quit helping the shorts.


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