02/23/2021 17:00

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. for anybody out there Donald j Trump is my president he wanted fair and square but the Democrats want to tear up the USA so he's going to step down take a break and let him tear it up and let people actually see that he was telling you all the truth all they want to do is in prison and slave us take our rights and take our guns
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Soichiro Honda02/23/2021 17:05
Sometimes the truth hurts


Bilbo💎🙌Swaggins02/23/2021 17:05


DannyPhantom02/23/2021 17:02
Cry more you little weiner

Icy_Investments02/23/2021 17:16

the additional tax is only applied to people making 400k an up a year.. less than %2 of population. your literally in stocks, they can tax you up to 35% on short term gains an you wanna talk about a tax thats only gonna impact a hand full of people

poo***com02/23/2021 17:04

you will see in the end and your ass is going to be crying cuz they coming to tax your ass not me I don't make enough lol


$$$02/23/2021 17:02
Most trumptarded comment of the day.

Tree02/23/2021 17:06

You really thought you did something there didnt you 😂


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