11/13/2020 11:38

$Sony So i found out why the ps5 is sold out everywhere. Sony doenst have enough money to make the counsel to stock the shelfs. Sony has to sell in batchs like a funding round so they can even make enough ps5 hopefully by Christmas. This is a huge joke sony is losing money bad. Next round is November 22nd.
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All Comments(9)

Macon Pyles11/13/2020 14:01
And wait till they read up on the corrosiveness of Liquid Metal in the cooling system.

Jacks 11/13/2020 14:06

Also dont for get anout the jedi contract Microsoft won earlier this year. 10 billion is a lot of ps5 sales.


Macon Pyles11/13/2020 13:56
Anyone whos has closely followed the gaming business, including the contracts that have been made with suppliers, distributors , chip makers, etc...in last few years knows that Sony is behind. If ya just read their own statements in last year regarding any issues that have been brought up , speculated or just rumored youll see a trend. Bottom line. Supply issues. All across the board. Microsoft secured the contracts early with their gold reserves. From the storefront (gamestop, Game pass) to the chip makers and companies In China that actually build these consoles.

luk***com11/16/2020 20:06

Is that why there are 10 times more PS5 activated on release day than Xboxes? And apparently both have been sold out. No one cares about the Xbox and no one plays on it, check IGN. Sony definitely had A LOT of release day stock, more than PS4. I'm enjoying mine so much, it's stunning in every way.

Jacks 11/13/2020 14:02

Read haha nobody reads anymore they just have opinions on how things should be in there perfect world.


Jacks 11/13/2020 13:24
Just go to soical meida even professional athletes cant get a ps5.. not a very good Market strategy sony.


SqueakSince1311/13/2020 13:06
You are the dumbest person on webull 💀


mat***com11/13/2020 13:05
there is no source duh do u think sony is broke wtf

Jacks 11/13/2020 13:26

Sonys not broke but how much does it cost to get the ps5 in customers hands. Its getting close to the cost to make one..


jon***com11/13/2020 12:57
Bro do you even know how to real a financial statements? Im sure they have plenty of problems with 70+billion dollars worth of earning every year. In micro economic you are taught about perfectly competitive markets. You never fulfill demand entirely on a product release. Sure that would be good in the short term, massive sales...but long term they would loose money. Look into perfectly competitive markets and site your sources for retarded claims.


Michael11/13/2020 12:53
Lmao are you kidding me . you must be the biggest clown

Jacks 11/13/2020 13:28

Is that your real picture or a clown i cant tell. your smile says clown and your suit says monkey so i dont know.


716****72411/13/2020 12:45
whats your source? I heard they been rushing to get it out same time as xbox and had production struggles do to covud.

Jacks 11/13/2020 13:22

Yup and movinG headquarters to California and donald trumps plans are really hurting sony right now. Microsoft is set up better to have actual counsels in store shelfs sooner the sony.


Jonny Hats11/13/2020 11:57
whats your source.


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