09/16/2020 04:49

$Snowflake Inc From ST 🤔 true, usually that’s how IPO goes! $SNOW Here is how an IPO works:
1. Underwriters commit to millions of shares and get a value below market value per share. Most likely the big boys will be $70 range per share on average.
2. By the time it is available by 11am ish, it will be roughly $150 range for us retailers. In this example it’s already up 40-50% range.
3. Us retailers chase hard with the butterfly feelings of an IPO. A “get rich quick” mind set. We already pick out our new car and furniture before we even complete the order.
4. By the time the order is filled, and before we can pick out the new Ferrari color.... at a blink of an eye we question: why is this going down? It jut opened....
5. We then see massive sell offs.. we question how this is possible. People say “damn shorts” in the chats - little do they know... there are no shorts as normal retail people.
6. Underwriters / big boys sell off and make a shit ton.
7. Bag holders beyond bag holders.
8. We pray it comes back...
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407****77909/16/2020 09:44
yep usually how it goes so I would maybe wait for it to come back down then buy in Like Cramer said in a few days or week or 2 at most at most


J3suslovesu09/16/2020 09:39
Tutes always win


Tradedabulls📱💸📈09/16/2020 08:52


Nicholas09/16/2020 07:41


Italian8109/16/2020 04:51
100% correct


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