11/21/2020 00:22

$Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp what Citron is failing to understand is that the entire EV sector is hot right now. Writing a hit piece about Solo is not going to slow it down as long as the entire EV sector is still on fire. We saw that pretty clear last week with NIO.

No one on this planet has enough knowledge or foresight to know the true value of future EV stocks. EV is still relatively new and there is no solid benchmark to compare it to. So for Citron to say Solo is a $2 stock and $NIO Inc. is a $25 stock is "Laughable" and shows his ignorance and lack of intelligence. Stocks like NIO, Xpeng, etc, are in reality super undervalued and will probably be more like $300+ stocks in the future.

And Citron and Andrew Left's analysis pieces are now starting to have less and less supporting facts behind their opinions and looking more like some teenage kid is doing the analyzing.

My guess is Citron is going to start putting out a hit piece every Sell off Friday and picking a new EV stock to target each time
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Xuan$11/21/2020 00:57
Know we know in order to profit, we should do the opposite of what Citron says


Louis Louis11/21/2020 00:28
Citron is just a clown that tells people Tesla is the best, other EV are trash.
You can see they keeps comparing NIO to Tesla and saying how competitive Tesla is and how weak NIO is. But, in reversal way to think, why Tesla keeps lower their product price with huge discount?
So in my opinion, we just need to be cautious, but Tesla is not the best in the world like this Citron clown says.


John11/21/2020 00:23
Stop compAring solo to nio , to diff companies one has sales the other does not

cod***com11/21/2020 00:33

and nio is not tesla....never will be so theres that

Stock Market Helpers11/21/2020 00:29

you still have misspelled words ๐Ÿคฃ

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Its me Kiley11/21/2020 00:23
never listen to that citron shitt

FrenchBullFlag11/21/2020 00:23



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