12/03/2020 22:38

$Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp im still smiling i know SOLO will run again boys 😘😁🙏🏼
Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp-0
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thebuyside12/10/2020 11:46


DirtTorpedo12/04/2020 12:30
O.K. ... so in the first picture you reminded me of

sur***com12/07/2020 18:23

😘 be nice big boy! Ok?

DirtTorpedo12/04/2020 12:49

I hit Post before I was done...Anyway ...In the first picture you reminded me of my former girlfriend Maria..who is pure 100% Portuguese...And as beautiful as you my dear...However..this second picture...you look Italian...now she lives in Massachusetts...I’m thinking you live in Rhode Iland...You seem to be Very Knowledgable about Vehicles....I’m going to take a guess and say you A family member of one of the families that do or at least did run One of the well known families..of Federal Hill.?


BBCBull12/04/2020 05:12
fine ass snow


Señor Glasshands12/04/2020 03:14
fake ass


🇺🇸HillbillyGAINSsnatcher🇺🇸12/04/2020 02:58


🎲Ace🎲12/04/2020 01:44
Well DAYUUM! If you saY so i believe you!


Chris Stucky12/04/2020 01:19
find out its a guys profile. and he likes how guys talk to him thinking hes a woman


Djwhokee Djwhokee12/04/2020 01:16
what you number can i hit you up tonight lol...🤣🤣🤣


Shorting_Corn12/04/2020 00:57
ma'am this is a casino, not your instagram

sur***com12/04/2020 01:04

Yes and???


Tls8812/04/2020 00:29
Looks worn out

sur***com12/04/2020 00:34

Really MF????


DwayneTHESTOCKjohnson12/04/2020 00:23
geesh .. 🐶🐶


FadedPolo12/04/2020 00:23
Dude why are you using pictures of my mom

sur***com12/04/2020 00:26

Ha you wish baby ❤️😘😂


DenverSOLOSTOLETHESHOW🤑🕺😎🚀12/04/2020 00:10
you make it all worth it 😘🥳please continue to bless us with your pics of that AMAZING BODY AND BEAUTIFUL SMILE

DirtTorpedo12/04/2020 12:21

That was some funny shat....two great lines...this should be on the tele...bloody well done mates..good show...lmfao

Simple Invest12/04/2020 00:17

😐 bro you have a wife and this not her 💀

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cknupp12/03/2020 23:55
ohhhh my....your going to make me ride solo in my solo ! 😜🤣🤣 lets get the moneyyy


903****67012/03/2020 23:44
O My god that is $


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