01/13/2021 04:26

$Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp Offering a 2.5 hour charge time with only 100 mile range!. We have tech out right NOW that will charge a battery 10 times faster and cars with 3x the range. LUCID MOTORS, Tesla just to name a few. Do your DD, nikola was a scam. this company will be bankrupt. Can't even take a passenger. I see alot of future bag holders. I said the same thkm about Kanditech and that stock tanked.
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zx1***com01/13/2021 09:31
I agree, even 0 debt well rounded companies go bust on startup over 1 mistake or 1 death....I don't see a big future here but I see a chance for a quick scalp. I hate nio it's a very disgusting company with stolen plans and poached engineering and also lied about all of their statistics. in 2019 I said they'd go broke and they almost did. the stock plunged horribly. but even that led to a chance to make money 👌 if you value them and their ugly car then hold and take the chance, prove you believe. if not then do what the OP and I did and take a scalp. thanks 👌


Bulls on Parade01/13/2021 05:37
Goes to show what this tool knows about this company. Do some basic research. They just had their conference today announcing 0 debt, us factorys are set to break ground and fleet partnerships along with pre orders are booked. Your losss lmaooooo

zx1***com01/13/2021 09:32

Nio said the same speech, and later had to admit it was a lie and pay fines. you call him a tool but I'd call you a sheeple


Likejodeci01/13/2021 05:12
Lol what a clown


BullMatador01/13/2021 04:49
thats fine. we have all those too.and tbh. witcha...I think we all know just how ugly the car is. But if you did your DD you would know that there is more to Solo than that ugly ass car. I bought in at 8.33 today. I'm up almost 700 USD. And If you studied the chart and the indicators you would know its time to get paid again. I'd rather buy 100 shares of solo for 800usd than 1 Tesla share for 800usd. we about to do the upper Bollinger Walk for the next 5 days. Now....why don't you listen to reason and coup yourself some shares.

James01/13/2021 07:16


Money Maker01/13/2021 04:52

Well said !


Money Maker01/13/2021 04:45
Take your diby dab elsewhere

Joh***com01/13/2021 06:11

Youre jealous you missed out so far

DipNDab01/13/2021 05:06

My money was never here! don't invest in trash stocks.

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