Sterling Archer

02/19/2021 04:30

$SOS Limited If anyone is looking for more information on the company and the recent addition of crypto mining operations. Dug through the website to find some limited info.

Admittedly I was a bit skeptical on the lack of information available, but the non executive director is a former Morgan Stanley exec.

Interested to see what the future holds for this company!
SOS Limited-0
SOS Limited-1
SOS Limited-2
SOS Limited-3
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vli***com02/19/2021 04:36
It’s so weird that there’s so many different names for their executives & the actual main one isn’t even on their website like wtf. Im for real dude, researched their company on baidu.

Sterling Archer02/19/2021 05:10

Yeah it’s true, like i could not tell you what they actually do as a business if my life depended on it. The “about us” pages is just a buzzword bingo of disruptive tech fluff. I’m just making some popcorn and seeing what happens. If it goes to zero at least it will be entertaining!

vli***com02/19/2021 05:04

Lol yea, life is but a dream. On a serious note, the amount of misinformation about this company is very concerning since it really looks like they’re just throwing stuff out there :/

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