02/19/2021 17:58

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Here's a small tip but a risky one so please pay attention to how you use it. it's Friday so if you haven't bought and sold the same stock 5 times the same day Throughout the week You have a couple "day trades stacked up" only do this 4 times on a Friday If you day trade more than that on the same stock without $25000 in your account you can get flagged so two times would even be safer but you get 5 a week It's safest to wait until Friday so that you don't accidentally go over your number. But the order flags you in "buy sell buy again" that is what you have to do "I believe " you can buy a stock and sell it right after as long as you don't buy it again it's not going to count as A-day trade
Definitely do your research on this I haven't had to use this method in a long time
And if you do please pay attention to it
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Rollfat02/20/2021 14:34
I have always been perplexed by all this.. Catching day trades by selling then re-entering, day trade. Buying then selling, day trade. These being in my margin account. I have only caught good faith violations in my cash account, but caught enough of those to cause me to respect them. Personally on my way to 25K before I will get to aggressive with day trading. Need both more experience and time to sit down undistracted to day trade responsibly.. Looking forward to it all!! Have a great weekend!!!😀💚💯

kentoe-green02/20/2021 14:46

you to and good point I might be pushing to fast to get people to the day trading standard. But what you're saying makes sense I know it's risky and I should take that into account and not push new people into it until they're ready . I just know once I became A-day trader I was able to do more on the market than ever And feel that The earlier someone gets the chance to understand it the better . But I should be more focused on the risk value that follows a Daytradeing account.


StockMarketMorty02/19/2021 19:44
a buy followed by a sale, of the same stock, on the same day is marked day trade

kentoe-green02/19/2021 23:02


StockMarketMorty02/19/2021 21:45

you my boy, Blue!

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Tuti02/19/2021 18:59
Very insightful conversation, thanks guys 😊 happy trading!!! And have an awesome weekend 😎

kentoe-green02/19/2021 20:57

you to be safe and have fun out there!


Edward Bellingham02/19/2021 18:03
And you're talking about a margin account. Not the same for a cash account.

Edward Bellingham02/19/2021 18:37

A cash account doesn't show how many daytrades you have. If you use settled funds you can daytrade as many times as you'd like. Can't use unsettled funds for daytrading.

jhu***com02/19/2021 18:32

Are margin accounts bad?? I have $30k on my account but inwanr to trade more than 3 Times a week..

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Beary Bullish02/19/2021 18:02
Dafuq are you talking about. 5 trades. Huh? 3 buddy, 3.

kentoe-green02/19/2021 18:22

Thank you that really helps I only brought this up because I just started a account for my daughter and put 10K on their and noticed they have a new raiding that says safe on the side . But a few years ago I was able to do it on t D ameritrade no problem


But Why? 02/19/2021 18:01
Smh make sure you have it right before you give advice. It's 3 trades in 5 trading days. So if you do 4, you're gonna be marked as a pdt. And even if you do 3 trades on Friday, you still won't be able to get 3 trades again til next Friday. Do what makes you money. Don't listen to people on the comment section.

StockMarketMorty02/19/2021 19:42


kentoe-green02/19/2021 18:21

Thank you for your insight try ..not to be such a dipshit I know living in the trailer park is hard but you can get out of there


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