02/21/2021 00:50

$SOS Limited Its getting so old everytime someone has something of concern about the validity of this company people automatically say they are doing puts or shorting or being paid shill. im in this long and Want this company to be legit and solid, been here since it was 1.85. that being said there are some things that look concerning, doesnt mean im going to sell my shares and tell everyone i think this whole thing is fake. i think its foolish not to questIon the validity of press releases and facts. just my 2 cents
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Bri***com02/21/2021 02:20
blah blah blah. sos long


UncleTouchy02/21/2021 01:40


UncleTouchy02/21/2021 01:39

fmr***com02/21/2021 02:54

Thanks for the info

UncleTouchy02/21/2021 02:03

what "huge institutions"? the crap people are sharing disproves what they are claiming. the institutional holder chart shows those big name institutions having a few thousand shares each. that's like toilet paper to them. and I'd bet if you dig in, they probably got those shares under $2. Maxim Group LLC has a history of legal action for being involved in scams and the largest "institutions" are no name companies.

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fmr***com02/21/2021 01:32
Stay or go?


CashZombie02/21/2021 01:28
I ignore most of these clowns on here.. but I'm always listening for anything of concern.. and I'll do extra DD over a rumor.. and I check my work twice.. but if I can not find proof.. then I trust my research and my gut.. And stay the course. I am the captain of my ship. the lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep.

fmr***com02/21/2021 02:57

I’m going to keep my shares and just tread lightly

fmr***com02/21/2021 02:55

Thanks for your input

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UncleTouchy02/21/2021 01:28
that's because most of those comments are coming from a click farm. During the week, they'll spam hype posts. when the stock is down or on weekends, they switch to negative comments. tomorrow night/monday they'll switch back to hyping. The company and affiliates are suspect af and then you have some manipulating happening in top of that.

hope you take get profits or at least recover your cost basis before this thing implodes.

UncleTouchy02/21/2021 01:38

what you do is up to you. I was in at 3.80 and exited at 12 and won't get back in because it will implode. the question isn't if but when.

fmr***com02/21/2021 01:31

So in your opinion should i get out or keep riding the wave


Lai***com02/21/2021 00:59
Buy some pants cause i dont like shorts 🤡🤡

fmr***com02/21/2021 01:01

Exactly what im talking about. insteading of putting some useful input in just saying someones a short


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