02/21/2021 03:47

$SOS Limited To the boys.

It is my honor to let you all know that, this will drop to about 10 Monday..DO NOT SELL.

By Wednesday. It will be around 11.50

Then by friday we shall see us around the 10 again.

My insider has stated that next week, NOT THIS WEEK. We will see about 18 and higher!

I know this is sad news but i am invested as well. πŸ˜‘

Your welcome

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All Comments(15)

Rno***com02/21/2021 10:57
Take your L bear you sad you lost gme πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


951****82002/21/2021 05:28
hahahah with bitcoin doin well? my 5k shares will rocket baby


Goodvibes02/21/2021 04:51
shouldn't you be at a stop light cleaning car windows? πŸ€”

itreallydoesntmatternow02/21/2021 05:00



Goodvibes02/21/2021 04:50
crackheads shouldn't be allowed to trade let alone make comments,wowπŸ˜πŸ˜’


Big runner02/21/2021 04:46
This is some low iq crackhouse posting


Taco8502/21/2021 04:46
Hello my fellow Apes,

It is I, a non-shiller, hater of HFs and the like. Heed me, for I come with tales of fortune derived from Zultan the all-knowing. Beware: if you primative beings cast away the words of wisdom from Zultan, the Great, you shalt be blursed and smitten! I tell you this truth: I am no cog in the HF machine, so what I say is of utmost importance!!!

My message is thus:

I have smoll pp.


itreallydoesntmatternow02/21/2021 05:00

Haha Nice.

snicholas02/21/2021 04:49

lol yeeee


snicholas02/21/2021 04:07
someone about to lose a bunch of money lol


chr***com02/21/2021 04:04
Your insider can predict an entire week down to the day? 🀑


moonraker31102/21/2021 04:03
if it does go down I see that as a buying opportunity.... if it does happen.... I'll be adding more to my stash! :)


MAICA02/21/2021 03:59
This guy 😱😱😱


U_KTN2n02/21/2021 03:48
Wrf is shorty talking about here.


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