02/23/2021 01:32

$SOS Limited im still looking for someone to give me their opinion on the facts laid out on this company from this video. hes lays out all the issues we have been warning people about. look back at mY entire history. been here since 2 dollar days. Im not here to spread disinformation. Only show peOple wants been dug up. Someone showed me the red Flags and im seriously thankful for that. IM NOT SAYING THIS IS A SCAM! im saying watch the video and decide for yourself. THATS IT THATS ALL NO OTHER INTEREST
SOS Limited-0
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blitzshock02/23/2021 08:24
also if you do more dd on sos, you will see Hewlett-Packard is one of their 9 biggest investors....

fmr***com02/23/2021 08:37

45k shares from institutional investors lol

fmr***com02/23/2021 08:32

Nice dude


blitzshock02/23/2021 08:21
So many holes in that video. Its as if they didn't even do any dd he just literally believed everything someone else said and made a video. just hit a Google search on that Canadian company and you will see it was already accuired.

fmr***com02/23/2021 08:32

Nice dd


Dr. Steve Wilkos 💥02/23/2021 01:44
you sold SOS to buy ebang. and ebang tanked even more 😆😆

fmr***com02/23/2021 01:59

Sold sos becasue i didnt feel safe in it anymore with the red flags. Im long on cyrpto stocks i dont care about red days. come on man you are better than this. Grow up


oil***com02/23/2021 01:43
you're a 🤡... they are not a fake company anyone spreading garbage is a shame... 2 different institutions just gave them 200m. and they have been on the nasdaq since 2017... thats not an easy process...

oil***com02/23/2021 14:29

oh I know

fmr***com02/23/2021 02:14

You are right

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vli***com02/23/2021 01:41
Contact page hella sus. Do the two different addresses mean they’ve got two different offices? Are able to find any info on Claire Low? Just asking cuz I wasn’t able to & tbh i gotta agree. It’s looking more sus than legit rn lmao.

vli***com02/23/2021 01:48

Idek, I was trying to rationalize that we aren’t able to purchase their products b/c its a chinese company but why tf is their office in New York. Smh I really hope this isn’t a scam

fmr***com02/23/2021 01:43

I dont have answers for you. Im in the same boat


jas***net02/23/2021 01:40
if u keep calling this company a fraud u may set urself up for a defamation suit. all the markets are having trouble right now stop.

fmr***com02/23/2021 01:41

I just said im not calling them a fraud. i said go watch a video laying out facts.


Beary Bullish02/23/2021 01:38
You're out here pounding on SOS without a position, yet, EBON is looking a lot worse with less catalyst. You're posting every literal 5 minutes. Why? All this time and you might change 1 persons mind. It's a stretch. You are 1 person among thousands of comments across numerous platforms. You're blue in the face.

vli***com02/23/2021 01:43

My speculation is that this person wants others to help him find info & confirm whether or not it’s fraud bc he’s afraid to invest rn. But at the same time, he also doesn’t want to miss out on potentIal gains.


Kelso02/23/2021 01:34

fmr***com02/23/2021 01:38

Oh and he never says sos is garbage.. he says here is the facts yall decide for yourselves. people are twisting this because they have a lot of monwy inVested

fmr***com02/23/2021 01:37

That means nothing. dont care about the guy who did the video, he gives you facts and red flags. lets not ignore the actual issue here bud


fmr***com02/23/2021 01:33
Dont waste your breath calling me a short or a scam. ive clearly laid out to watch the video and let me know what you think

mak***com02/23/2021 02:02

no scam $12-13 by friday

Hedge Fund Shill Bot 300002/23/2021 02:02


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