09/16/2020 00:17

$Tortoise Acquisition Corp I will be selling half of my position in mid 70’s rest the moment it touches then 80’s and will go all in to $Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II and $Churchill Capital III Corp and may be add some more $Spartan Energy. SHLL and SPAQ have been great and i made very good money. I think CCXX has potential for making even more money since i got in at around 11. What are tour selling targets for SHLL?
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All Comments(7)

eri***com09/17/2020 21:39
you gonna be waiting awhile


Angel Davila09/16/2020 01:28
what if it stays @ 45

CDS09/16/2020 01:31

No it won’t, did you not see the trailer for post merger today? 😎


CDS09/16/2020 00:51
Well if the HYLN will fall to high 50’s or low 60’s in 20-50 days and i can buy them again based on how the price settles. I am not deveLoping long term positions before feb 2021 in any other stocks other than BABA, MELI, CCXX, NET and NIO since I have good pricing on all these. I have a feeling that CCXX and NIO Will make great run and good long term holds.


SPAC Blocker09/16/2020 00:37
im in on CCXX and HCAC after i ditch SHLL

Trading Day09/16/2020 17:07

That was A BIG mistake CDS!

SPAC Blocker09/16/2020 01:33

Its literally up 20% in like 4 days

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Cool Hand09/16/2020 00:25
Cool man


ian***com09/16/2020 00:21
So you're not sticking around long term then?
I'm thinking this is at least a 3-5 year hold for me.


sunny ra 09/16/2020 00:21
it will be over 100 after merge. because big investors will be ready to buy Hyliion shares. I am going to wait for that . but I will be in for long term In Hyliion.

Manny SPACquiao09/16/2020 03:34

yea this is one that I have no doubts will have some good gains if held long.

🔥👁STONEMAN👁🔥09/16/2020 02:12

Makes good sense to keep Hyliion for long term after profits!!👍

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