09/16/2020 20:01

$Luminar Technologies Inc $Fisker Inc $Desktop Metal Inc for everyone asking “whats happening?” Yall need to peep over to the market tab every once in a while. Keep up with the times (Powell speech) and Trump talking at 5pm and is rumored to confirm a failed stimulus check round 2 because of talks breaking down
Stock market can be affected entirely by these things and hedge funds either take advantage to short, or pull their momey out.
Stop panicking. Sell or hold, but asking ”whats going on?” makes you look super ignorant seeing as this is literally your money youre playing with
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Limitless Power09/16/2020 20:35
Thx Jorge 👍🏻


STLRS3609/16/2020 20:23
avgd up on the dip should be one of the best SPAC plays yet , it hurt me to do it but I sold GRAF so I could buy more GMHI ... Luminar has a unique edge I'm with Austin , Volvo and Peter on this one.


Syz***com09/16/2020 20:15


Zer0fuhks09/16/2020 20:09
Ohhh boy, you must be down today with those tags 🤡 😂😂

Jorge09/17/2020 19:03

Make that bank bro

Zer0fuhks09/16/2020 22:48

Hey Jorge, Just giving ya shit and keeping us entertained. Keep thinkin im a clown, just take a look at GEVO this AH for me.

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Rebel Scum09/16/2020 20:08
lol buddy 😂 welcome to 2020

Jorge09/16/2020 20:11

Lmao for real


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