11/16/2020 17:46

$Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc Lmfao, people get so angry with facts. I get it. You are gambling with options on a speculative stock and want to win that gamble. But this stock is headed down unless rescheduled flight is announced soon. Shouldnt affect those that bought actual shares because can avg down. Options traders about to get rekt πŸ˜€
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Jonny11/16/2020 18:01
Hey guy listen to FACTS! Facts is all this guy preaches. he is the second coming of jesus christ! hahaha holy hell this is confusing

tar***com11/16/2020 20:28

English please

Jonny11/16/2020 19:03

Ok just go back to the biden part! Im liberterian so with that biden isnt pres nor will he cause no certs have been published bud. Current pres is on a had hunt for somethI ng im not sure if any grounds have been made yet. December 14 is the day you need in mind you blind bat. january 20 will never happen if no certs verify future pres then itll turn to senate who will most likely make biden pres with trump vp or vise versa but the senate will be all for trump after he just elected in ACB

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SPCE4Ever11/16/2020 17:48
Either way, flight will be before Fall ends

CoaxNorter11/16/2020 17:54

you're the only clown I see tar

tar***com11/16/2020 17:52

That 🀑 life


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