Twitter: Bigpapi_louis

05/27/2020 11:48

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All Comments(13)

Guido3205/27/2020 20:14
swing and a miss there, eh bud? 🤣🤡

Twitter: Bigpapi_louis05/27/2020 21:54

can you read charts? it skyrocketed lol

Ivy***com05/27/2020 20:18

😅 $luckin making up 30% of revenue 🤣🤣


Chinese Gung-fu ☯️♾05/27/2020 15:06
Oh yeah, keep repping Moderna.

Big Lou, the less you post, the less others lose money.


Jroman082305/27/2020 14:42
All your predictions are wrong


🎩 | Mass Koupons05/27/2020 14:20
You are SO afraid that you might loose all your money if they fail and want people to make the same mistake and buy so you can get out. 🤣🤣🤣


320****40005/27/2020 13:46
hey big loo I'm looking for options trading for dummies what would be the best to learn from


eri***com05/27/2020 13:35
you were right, it did go up. but how did you know?


Tan***com05/27/2020 13:13
zom get in quick


Austinf435 05/27/2020 13:11
Hertz is where its at this morning


el duran05/27/2020 12:49


PaPaStewySnipes05/27/2020 11:53
time to sell was this morning not buy


PaPaStewySnipes05/27/2020 11:52
pt was 3 should have rinsed for 100 percent profit on buy in of 1.30s-1.50s will be shorted on open lol

PaPaStewySnipes05/27/2020 12:39

you sell off at open for big gains and buy back at low... is that not the same... using your own cap. will happen

bra***com05/27/2020 12:04

ssr prevents shorting


Drherbertwestside 05/27/2020 11:50
A lot waiting to sell in sure too. Let em, I'll buy more


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