Big Lou

05/27/2020 22:57

$Luckin Coffee If history repeats itself we shoot over 3+ premarket! 🤑☕ keep taking down those walls, the running will come. short are stuck between a rock and a sword. let's go! 🌋🚀🚀🚀🚀

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All Comments(7)

JmsAngel05/29/2020 02:45
posts like this make me want to sell


Rudy05/28/2020 18:20
Big Lou with the Big L on Luckin 🤔

Rudy05/28/2020 23:53

pshhh chump change

Big Lou05/28/2020 18:21

if you call 9k profits in 2 days a big L then sure lol. I even told people I was out this morning


sil***com05/28/2020 01:17
After reviewing your posts Big Lou, starting to think you WORK for LK... literally at least 2 posts per hour. look for yourselves!

Big Lou05/28/2020 01:18

of course youd say that. your put will expire worthless. tic tock


RagingBull10105/28/2020 00:52
Anyone who uses that stupid money mouth smiley gets a block.


Rockets only go up05/27/2020 23:17


Daddy05/27/2020 23:04
This has to be a bot. Blocked


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