09/08/2020 11:38

If you enjoy reading the comments on Webull to check for news you might've missed, or others' analysis, but grow tired of seeing these idiots constantly spamming the same old "bull trap! derrrr" "bears gonna bleed! herrderr" without anything informative to add... Remember to click on those three little dots to the right of their comment, and select "Block" so you don't have to sift through trash comments all the time. Thank me later 😅

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Cody Field09/08/2020 14:17
Ouch... this didnt age well

Sin09/08/2020 15:12

How did it not age well?


GôdŠêńtßęäšt09/08/2020 12:40
i co sign this message 💯


Sin09/08/2020 11:52
You two have the comment history to back up your dissonance. 🤭🤣 If you guys really need attention, why not improve your commentary with better analysis? Sitting around making stock picks in the comments with zero substance behind them; you're as creditable as Cramer's postman neighbor... 😂

I'm just letting people know they don't have to continue to read through those comments that are never going to be any more helpful than flipping a coin or throw darts at the wall.


CreateFATfoldableLEATHER09/08/2020 11:43
Oh so poetically written. Quit with the sheaperd act. People are goIng to do what they want.

yam***com09/08/2020 12:04

A broke clock is right twice a day.

👀 You are a 🤡💩09/08/2020 11:50

Exactly. Everyone can make up there own mind..and from 34 to 22 in 6 days... Bears were right..simple


ima***com09/08/2020 11:39
what a baby

Sin09/08/2020 11:55

Rubicks 🤣🤣 It's like they're being triggered by my post and just showing up to make it easier for people to block them.

👀 You are a 🤡💩09/08/2020 11:51

soo many babysitters here! if you cant handle the comments how the f u handle the stocks u dumb advocado lmfao

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