Day trades inc

09/09/2020 05:33

Feels good:) Look at all of those comments saying f**king moron. dont let people get you down...stick to your analysis unless real data proves otherwise. dont listen to the trolls that tell you to go kill yourself like they Did to me...I really dont know why the webull community is so toxic and rude. anyways moral of thr story is dont listen to your haters. be yourself dont mold to what they want just because they bully you and call you names.

$TESLA $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Genius Brands
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All Comments(10)

Scorpio09/09/2020 11:31
Dude, my analysis is Ive lost my ass on this stock.


Scalping09/09/2020 08:29
Go kill yourself loser!!! Haha jk jk


jos***com09/09/2020 06:21
this "day trader" isn't talking about anything.

Day trades inc09/09/2020 06:22

? Just look at my other posts..


Atreau09/09/2020 05:52
In your opinion, do you think this is a hold or a sell?

Day trades inc09/09/2020 05:56

Thats a hard one. how bad do you need the money is the question..it will most likley go back up to all time highs but its just of matter if how long you have to wait..could be years in the worst case Scenario


NotTraderJoe09/09/2020 05:52
I'll be a buyer when it hits 150


opt***com09/09/2020 05:40
260 is my target buy in, I hope you're righter than right


Day trades inc09/09/2020 05:38
I wasnt just calling numbers i backed it up with fundamentals and technicals but People didnt listen


Day trades inc09/09/2020 05:37
that was to Prove a point.. i was trying to save people money..heres someone that wanted to believe me and sell but Didnt. Im just trying to help people..

Day trades inc09/09/2020 05:45

All the tech stocks technicals were lined up since they move together. But you can see tesla is falling much Farther than the rest. Tesla is falling due to technicals and a little fundamentals. I mean its yearly rsi was at 96 and we had a bearish divergence. It all lined up to a perfect storm with the zev credits not letting tesla in the s&p(see my earlier posts about zev)

MalonAkane 09/09/2020 05:39

So right now Why its mostly down is due to correction right? A pull back in the market ?


MalonAkane 09/09/2020 05:37
So in a nutshell dont take other peoples advice ? if its toxic

Day trades inc09/09/2020 05:40

Yeah and dont change your mind just because a horde of rude People comment on your posts. Unless they debate peacefully with logic then they dont matter. waaay too many toxic people on here you just have to filter it all out and block so many people


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