09/11/2020 18:08

$Adobe Inc Advice take it or leave it
We as traders cant make the price go in our favor so what do we do. We use probability and risk management and charts. If it looks like an uptrend then we buy but saying that your waiting on a specific price is not the wisest way nor is it pragmatic. REMEMBER we are here to make money based on probability not our feelings of what the price will go to. Wish the ones of you that are pragmatic success.
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All Comments(7)

mrr***com09/11/2020 20:10
Says the dude that has gnus on his radar.

Pablo09/11/2020 20:11

I dont own tesla nor LCA just selected arbitrary symbols


Newbie09/11/2020 18:52
So you are saying don’t wait on a specific and but don’t trade based on feelings of where you think the price will go? No one has a crystal ball. Nothing wrong with buying the bottom of a channel (specific price) because you feel (based on charts) that the stock will go up. I feel like it’s smart to look at diferent time frames and indicators to enter at a specific price you feel has a high risk/reward. Charting is an art, not a science.


chu***com09/11/2020 18:46
That's the way but many are Buying High Selling Low and then start arguing with people in the comment section. Finally they end up homeless

Pablo09/11/2020 18:47



Mighty_Morphin_Power_Trader🦸09/11/2020 18:24
I have one problem with your post. if you don't have a plan going in, how do you know when to exit, when do you take profits if there's no idea of a predetermined number? hope do you managed risk if you don't have some idea of a sell price and exit price? sound like your saying, oh the stock looks like it's going up, let me buy and that's the plan...🤔

For me, I do have a price I want to get in at and I would like to sell at and exit at if the trade goes bad. that doesn't mean I'm going to hit sell those number exact but at least I have a plan going in. but to each it's own


RainStormInvestor09/11/2020 18:12
Completely agree with you


BigC09/11/2020 18:11
By cheap sell high


BigC09/11/2020 18:11
Take it now


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