09/11/2020 20:49

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust To everyone that thinks this is gonna be red Monday... We bounced off 331.15,so now we're gonna run back up and test 337.50 again. Green Monday. Sometime next week we'll hit 343,and at that point Im getting puts again because we'll reject hard off that and run a test of 330. More gaps to fill below that also.
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All Comments(6)

CoffeeNtrees09/11/2020 22:31
225 eow


Rich09/11/2020 21:17
We did that exact same thing today. This bubble has burst . panic has set in.

Bin09/11/2020 22:33

Rotation out of tech. We'll be experiencing this for about 4 weeks,unless the flood gates open up. Look at the 500 stocks in spy. At close,small and mid caps were green,and tech,red. Will this hold? No. I believe we're going to see more downside before it gets better,but its not gonna just go straight down,as you saw today,when we shot up from 331.15 to the bullish close above 334.


Jai Deesk09/11/2020 20:56
A reasonable prediction in the Webull comments? Wow


Cambokidd09/11/2020 20:53
You dont think its gonna Break 343?

Bin09/11/2020 22:40

Do you think we'll get there?


NeverShortSPY09/11/2020 20:52
How long you been at it brother? You know what's up lol

K.W.O09/12/2020 00:43

should of known you were a newbie lol clown you havent seen anything you werent even here for the crash in march haha what a joke

Bin09/11/2020 22:47

Alittle over 90 days. But all I do is study the market,constantly. I'm far from knowing whats up,but I am learning.


delusionsofgrandeur09/11/2020 20:51
brilliant..as usual

Bin09/11/2020 22:35

Well,I probably would've lost my ass in the beginning if it weren't for those "Green Monday" posts. lol
I still have ALOT to learn,controlling greed being one thing.


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