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09/12/2020 21:55

I’ve recently seen a lot of people post about losing all their money on yolo options trades and warning people to stay away from day trading....Its not trading thats the problem..its options..i tell my followers to stay way from options until you have years of experience in the markets..theres plenty of gains to be made without options so don’t let your greed take over...2% a day(which is impossible on average) would make your richer than jeff bezos in 3 years with only 1k starting..youd have 398 billion dollars in 3 years.. you dont need risky 10x leveraged options to get rich in the markets...dont let your greed take over and let you put your life savings of 20k in a Tesla option call that expires in a week hoping that your “lotto ticket” pays off...Instead of letting the greed win you can just trade stocks normally without margin/leverage..even the professionals dont trade options with More than 10% of their portfolio and most of the time its cash covered or a hedge...you should NEVER put 100% of your portfolio in a trade(more like 5-10% max)..if you choose to ignore my advice then just please know that you are basically gambling...buying an option call with your whole life savings when a stock is at an all time high is gambling...just stick to trading stocks without margin until you Are consistently profitable then maybe you can dabble in some options..thats just my 2 cents take it or leave it doesnt matter To me. have a great weekend! i hope you guys kill it in the markets on monday!!🤙🎉

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olu***com09/14/2020 15:03
great advise. i am still a new investor that started in Jan 2020. I only sell calls and puts.


Andy09/14/2020 00:37
thank you


zac***com09/13/2020 21:14
Yea my friend who I now know didnt know much about stocks himself recommended options because you could get “rich“ off them, I decided to give it a try and this week I will have dumped about $1k straight into the drain.


kee***com09/13/2020 18:55
The Power Etrade app lets you paper trade options. Good way to learn without taking big losses. Sometimes it it pretty glitchy, hopefully it gets better. Also on Webull you can place a stop loss on options. l buy my option(s) and watch the price. when it gets above my cost a bit, l put a stop loss at or slightly below my buy price. lf it continues up, l adjust my stop accordingly


GrandpaB09/13/2020 17:36
options is definitely risky for someone new. however if your bad a trading in general it's kinda hard to succeed either way. people trade penny stocks and lose money just as quickly. Lol


Mr.Burns09/13/2020 15:54
1000% true I've lost much money playing options live and learn I'm done.


Cash09/13/2020 15:20
This new trader is going to heed your advice anD thank you


Knightrider09/13/2020 15:12
So what is a hot stock right now with things the way they are?

maj***com09/14/2020 02:49

Check out Pfeizer and NVDA


AceUhSpades09/13/2020 15:02
The real question is what will happen on battery day

maj***com09/14/2020 02:51

A lot of shots lined up on the bar for all of us that believe in Elon!!


BearTrappin09/13/2020 15:02
this is great advice thank you


Mr. Regulator09/13/2020 13:34
God bless


Wisdom4real09/13/2020 11:17
That's why I never did and pobably never will do calls or puts or any other kind of options trade because I don't understand it well and my limited understanding of it is that it is just gambling. I'm not a gambler. I'm an investor. I'm not here to put my money into stupid options that have the possibility of giving me small gains or unlimited losses. I guess some people have unlimited losses because they don't hedge by doing short squeeze to offset their losses. Hence being ignorant about it and being greedy cause them to lose their whole life savings.

kir***com09/14/2020 01:48

optione are the opposite. unlimited gains and small losses. losses can stack up quick. but Holy shit if I would have held some of my puts longer id be fucking rich. but I try not to get greedy and sell early

dww***com09/13/2020 14:58

Options are risky if you think it's a get rich method. Most people that lose are over leverage or greedy. It takes time to learn how to invest in them. Most here are speculators who are not willing to be ultra conservative with them.


Bull Soldier09/13/2020 09:28
Options are very speculative and involve substantially greater risks and price volatility than common stocks. Therefore, most investors should not buy or sell options. Winning investors should first learn how to minimize the investment risks they take, not increase them.


Elhung16909/13/2020 04:35
The problem is people dont bother to educate themselves on what makes an option go uo or down. Its not just price its also volatility and time. I have seen volatility crush my calls especially after earnings. We just need to lesrn about the inner workinngs and some of the math and youll do ok, theres ways to limit risk.


ezc***com09/13/2020 03:16
there are a ton of ways to play the market what works for you wont work for everyone to each their own just do your dd and know the risk

ezc***com09/13/2020 03:30

but to your point inexperienced traders going all in on a "yolo" play is dumb and gambling

ezc***com09/13/2020 03:25

not really it can be dumb for many people but if you stay alive you can lose lose lose then hit big ive seen it and lived it

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