09/28/2020 15:54

all these people hating so bad. I feel bad for you bag holders. don't comment unless your 100% positive your right. made my money and im done for the day ,good luck

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All Comments(14)

Mr.Lucasifer 09/29/2020 05:01
"This can only end with one of us dying. And I have never died"


GirthBrooks 09/28/2020 16:41
oh wow, show us the ytd gain


ZoZo09/28/2020 16:19
lol at the guy bashing you about a 1k gain today.


Ashlon Green Seeker09/28/2020 16:05
where did you get those angry comments? I can't find your post, did you say something dickish and then delete it after you farmed the hate 😂?

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:11

no its my previous post lol. they just mad. I'm used to it lol


hhp***com09/28/2020 16:02
Lol, 1k gain and bragging about this. 😂

ZoZo09/28/2020 16:18

you're loling at a 1.4k gain in one day? let's see your gains for today

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:06

imagine that I make on average 1k a day at that comes out to 260k a year. educate yourself


qwerty09/28/2020 15:59

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:09

lol imagine being that mad l. typical bag holder. English isn't my first language, have a pickle my friend


Truthseeker81209/28/2020 15:58
My Donkey says hi 👋

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:08

hi buddy


Troll Patrol 09/28/2020 15:57
lol the people in the coent section of webull are all retarded. a good rule of thumb is to just do the opposite of what they tell you😂


OnlyUpFromHere09/28/2020 15:57
Just remember less than a year you are giving up your money to the government... who likes paying taxes? Everytime someone posts these things take AT LEAST 30% off

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:14

I own a business and I pay 30% in tax. I would rather sit on my phone and make money

Ashlon Green Seeker09/28/2020 16:01

it's a short position. you can't hold it like that 🙄🤦


Lifesavings777 09/28/2020 15:57
full shit

Mr.Lucasifer 09/29/2020 04:59


💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:15

have a pickle


81k09/28/2020 15:57
stop showing off, you guna loose that gain again anyway. 🤣

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 15:59

bet, good luck with your bags


$showmethe💵🐂🐻whatever$🤑09/28/2020 15:56

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:33

lol still good plays, nice when other people make money. good luck bro

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 15:59

lol almost made the same amount.

View all 3 replies


$showmethe💵🐂🐻whatever$🤑09/28/2020 15:56
damn did you actually get that I tried to get it I would have been up late freaking 5 grand too right there

💲mullaman💲09/28/2020 16:00

I only put in 3500 to make 1400. I wish I put more in


FOMO_DEMON🤬09/28/2020 15:56
wow lol


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