09/30/2020 03:43

idk why everyone is surprised with trump tonight. he is the same guy we saw in 2016. I didn't vote and I dont plan on voting but trump is a fighter. don't expect him to comfort you snowflakes in to bed. stocks will crash with Joe's corporate tax increase. idk looked like a normal debate. those who say you're embarrassed to live in America then leave. 🤡

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All Comments(23)

Professor Oak10/05/2020 02:48
man sorry you have to deal with deblasio. then again we have Murphy and they're pretty much the same.


Sheriff B.09/30/2020 04:32
lol why argue with Trumpers. They are racist and a special kind of stupid. He called his own people disgusting and they don't care. Anyway this stock will blow up with Biden and Harris. For you stupid ass Trumpers if you didn't know this is a clean energy stock. Trump is for fossil fuels dummy. You are in the wrong stock voting for Trump.

Crypto Queen💕10/10/2020 11:21

Stfu. Trump 2020 you brainwashed little snowflake. I would out debate your ass like I do with everybody.

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 04:35

lol you're bags look heavy, thats you're fault not trumps 🤣 😂


lns***com09/30/2020 04:22
Trump 2020


DCR09/30/2020 04:12
Trump 2020💪💪💪💪💪


Andy09/30/2020 04:11
This is what we have to choose from? A cheesy actor or a mouse?

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 04:17

lol that what we got


Beanspirited09/30/2020 04:07
doesn't vote, but gets to have a say on taxation. 🤡🤡

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 04:16

I live in NY, if I vote I'll only waste my time. I lean more republican. there is no chance that will happen anytime soon because NYC votes out number the rest of ny 10-1

TRAIN WRECK 09/30/2020 04:12

this literally makes no sense why would you complain about the taxes you pay but say voting doesn't make sense

View all 3 replies


mon***com09/30/2020 03:59
I saw Trump behaving like a petulant child.

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 04:20

lol any what politician is good ? you're a sheep im happy trump is president because it comforts me when ik you lose sleep over it. every one is so smart in these webull chat rooms. you should become president

mon***com09/30/2020 04:11

What a weird ass comeback. His entire life is projection and obstruction. Dude was handed wealth twice and lost it all twice, failing businesses, stolen from charity, failed University, failed casinos, failed properties. A fraud. He's a fraud on every level and people like you are suckers. He's literally referring to people like you, but hey... apparently he outsmarted me cause I didn't vote for him.

View all 3 replies


ClearlyBidenIsBetter09/30/2020 03:56
You lost me at “I don’t vote”, no skin in the game, gotta take risks in life to get ahead boi, you trade stocks, right?

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 04:01


Justin09/30/2020 03:59

Maybe not this time. You should vote. It could be close.

View all 3 replies


BJ09/30/2020 03:56
Hes a clown 🤡 not a fighter, huge difference

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 03:58

hey when you serve a burger at McDonald's do you wear a 🤡 mask


N0T2L809/30/2020 03:54
What corporate tax increase is going to affect NIO??? Is the US going to somehow apply a corporate tax hike on a company not even in the US, let alone selling EVs to the US market...yet. Silliness.

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 04:37

I'm here to make money, not friends. but u can be my friend

N0T2L809/30/2020 04:29

Oh. I thought we were just bantering. Didnt expect it to get personal. Good luck to you too.

View all 7 replies


Bullsdeep09/30/2020 03:53
finding out that they're teaching critical race theory and intersectionality in out FBI and military is scary. Found that out a couple weeks ago. Those are very far left Marxist ideologies from the Frankfurt school. Not good.

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 03:56

yea definitely downhill spiral with joe


Papa ELON09/30/2020 03:53

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 03:55

suck my pickle fool


WEBALLS09/30/2020 03:51
Says the guy who doesnt vote you ass hat

💲mullaman💲09/30/2020 03:55

I live in NY, my vote doesn't mean anything


Stonks09/30/2020 03:50
Clowns like you accept being embarrassed. We don't need you.


Cefm9809/30/2020 03:49
Lmfao if Biden is president then stocks are at a discount, MAGAts smh

Maswift09/30/2020 03:52

A discount for 4 years though. double edged sword


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