10/28/2020 23:58

$Northern Dyn Many of you probably don't even understand what a big deal this, but its huge for nearly every mining company. Nearly 100% of rare earth minerals are imported from China. With US-China tension rising this has created a huge void in our supply of rare earth minerals. China basically has the monopoly on this. Not just Graphite, but the phone your using uses rare earth metals like gold for semiconductors. The demand for rare earth minerals stims behind just Graphite, nearly every electronic in your houses uses something. This is a really big deal. Pressure to get this mine operational soon is only going to be increasing. Expect RoD approval soon.

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All Comments(21)

One Dumb Bartender10/29/2020 12:36
Stfu shill


CharlieHustle10/29/2020 05:33
$Midas Gold this has antonimy and other rare minerals... vital to military.... permits pend8ng and highly anticipated.... I need more shares under 1.00!!!! thanks I will check


Alireza10/29/2020 04:20


etraitor10/29/2020 01:23
lol let me share a small strategy so you can sleep well tonight. Before USA would ever let China cut off our source of earth minerals....we would USE all of our submarines, jets, ships to tell China "nah you're not gonna do that".

Do you realize our military has more than almost all the world's ships and aircrafts combined? Not to mention all of our allies.

Sleep well Children. And don't invest in this BS

Mr. P10/29/2020 02:50

u r the weekest link...

Solas10/29/2020 02:14

how can you have more than almost all? lol

View all 4 replies


Jaka kendil10/29/2020 01:16
this all is bulshit

Swiftwind10/29/2020 01:36

you have been bashing this stock all week


Swiftwind10/29/2020 01:04
Also WWR is another stock ticker that will greatly benefit from this crisis.


845****12010/29/2020 01:03
we will all be dead in 80 years and it wont matter. ignore politics.

Solas10/29/2020 02:16

Psychopath. You must not have children lol


Lucky😈NIO10/29/2020 00:52
Yea china control everything, and what’s next? Did china say i want Los Angeles or New York as my colony? No one cares of u american shit

Ric Flair Dip10/29/2020 04:20

People sell from fear. Bad pumping tactics.

Mr. P10/29/2020 02:53


View all 6 replies


aby***com10/29/2020 00:43
i agree that this stock is a gamble resting on a Trump win...if he does win this mine will open quickly..it is a guarantee. when it does the upside potential is astronomical...if you love America and want to invest in defending it..this is your stock!


NEVER BAG HOLDING10/29/2020 00:41
Stop pumpIng nak its been trash for years


O-long-Johnson10/29/2020 00:40
bro are you getting paid to spam this or what


Ahasherues10/29/2020 00:31
We control Afghanistan, the most mineral rich country in the world. We have no real concerns.


Truthful Trader10/29/2020 00:17
Because some are getting finicky about how words are spelled. ”Defence” is actually spelled correctly due to the fact that this is an Australian news outlet. But does it really matter? Look at the news!!!

Sky***com10/29/2020 00:53


West Levee10/29/2020 00:26

In US it spelled with S.

View all 3 replies


West Levee10/29/2020 00:16
Dear Switwind, We would not be in this dependance on China for a damn thing if politicians of both parties had not sold us out for the last 30- 50 years... One comes to mind right now.

ogreplate 10/29/2020 13:39

Ross Perot was right when he said if NAFTA passed we'd hear the sucking sound of American jobs leaving the country! These treaties have been really bad for us and need to be renegotiated. Bad trade policies by both parties over the last 30-50 years have damaged U.S. prosperity greatly. To remain #1, we have to bring business back home and high paying middle class jobs. U.S. innovation made us #1 and can keep us there...if our politicians don't throw us under the bus to make a quick buck first!

jbrown10/29/2020 02:15

Biden equals biggest sell out for 47 yrs

View all 5 replies


CroCaCola10/29/2020 00:16
Yeah because we are all a bunch of retards


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