10/30/2020 14:59

My account got recked this week and i have no idea where to start building it back up. im beginning to question everything i thoughht i knew. does anyone have suggestions.

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WeBull Wizard11/01/2020 11:05
dont call me a clown for a callout out maybe instead see why i made that callout. spy will hit 130 by the end of 2021


mastertrader10110/31/2020 01:42
i will start next week with my 10% gain daily
you are welcome to join

lunsmoke10/31/2020 05:03

can I join


getmfmoney10/31/2020 00:44
everyone if you wanna get in on the ground floor, check out this new crypto called “Pi network." Stanford University PhD graduates made the first phone app that mines currency for free. When 10M join mining rates will fall significantly so you have to get in soon. Because it is beta you need a member to invite you in. Use code (masterloc)to join -Look up their whitepapers, this has a lot of potential!

Steve10/31/2020 00:44



ElDinero10/31/2020 00:41
Look at $Fisker Inc
Fisker Inc-0


Moneymaker10/30/2020 22:15
Only put in what you are willing and can afford to lose. The market can make you or break you, if you let it. Do your research before investing, research and keep researching. Comments will mislead you 90% of the time. Use your own brain to think, don't buy into hype, and don't let others make your financial decisions for you.


Ferst10/30/2020 22:07
What ive done is follow these rules...
Look for stocks that have some kind of catalyst, move more than 2% in premarket, these stocks arent moving with the markEt and have other reasoNs for moving.... then I buy a call if it was going up or a put if it was going down.... when the market opens.... If it imMediately goes in the dirextion it was going during premarket i buy my option.... if it goes in the opposite dirextion... i wait until i see it reverse a little and buy My options.... sell as soon as you think its peaked (Learn to read candlesticks well and lvl2 data) if things go against you sell immediately and cut your losses.... dont hold onto anything more than a day (ideally only a couple of mins or an hour maybe 2)
Ive been doing this and I havent lost anything more than a couple bucks and more often than not ive made money.... i dont usually make insane gains.... but they have been consistent.... the only times i have had losses with this techinique is when i didnt follow those rules...

penoyBALUT510/31/2020 04:23

are you talking about futures ?

Ferst10/31/2020 00:27

Im not exactly sure what it is youre asking, but when the expiration date is for depends on every stock.... usually no more than 2 weeks out though.... depends on hoW risky i conSider the move.... if i believe its a true winner... ill buy a strike price a week out.... if Theres a chance it could go south i buy One 2 weeks out.... but i dont really have a rule as to what strike price i buy and what expiration..... it doesnt matter too much because i Dont hold options over Night....

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ima***com10/30/2020 21:23
get out the market


Zombie10/30/2020 21:15
buy more and hold


Scusa RTG 🦵10/30/2020 20:37
The market has been bad and it likely won't get better until after the elections. worse if Biden wins. Even with the market in the red, our group has managed to stay green. follow our plays and trade with discipline. Check out or not . We're on IG revolutiontradinggroup


NO 25K NO PDT10/30/2020 19:58
play it small and safe man. I never let my accounts go above 1200, then out comes 1000.. I'm working back to 1000 again, slow and easy. my weeks snap plays.

Steve10/30/2020 22:09

What do you do if your account is at 200


Mon***com10/30/2020 19:55
Right there with you. just lost 30k lol.


Freeowl510/30/2020 19:30
Go back to paper trading your strategy research your companies better

NO 25K NO PDT10/30/2020 19:55

nobody ever trades paper like they do money


O.N.T10/30/2020 18:39
brotha.... this downfall was coming. i personally took all my money out this month and will be leaving it out till next year. its extremely dangerous to trade right now. maybe day trading but aside from that.. keep low for now.


Lil Dicky10/30/2020 18:31
come back in a month lol


Ronald Weasley10/30/2020 18:21
i beleive fed will have to lower interest rates to negative therefore ill be buying fixed rate bonds and prefered shares. I really think thats the way to go right now. Utility companies


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$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. my new hero so passionate Overthinker 12/04/2020 15:11
$NIO Inc. Some losers are laughing at me having a 100% position on NIO

let me write it 285000 dollars


Fukcing lozzzzers...

I am here for the next 2 years at least ..NO PROBLEM: I WANT TBIS STOCK TO GO TO 30 DOLLARS SO I CAN GET AT LEAST 2000 SHARES 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎MoneyNoHoney 12/04/2020 12:36
$TESLA Been holding this stock for 6 months and printing money....patience my friends. Dalt2252 12/04/2020 11:25
$WESTWATER RES Heads up... WWR is going to fly!

Guys shorts have literally thrown everything at this the last couple of months in an effort to suppress the shit out of this, If you subtract short sellers volume, inflow is absolutely destroying outflow. Shorts day is coming and its coming soon, they are going to have to cover. Short Seller Interest has been above 46% for over 3 months now. Thats insane for what was a few weeks ago a penny stock. Despite this the stock has still rose 100% in last 3 weeks. This stock is about to erupt, may be today may be Monday. But shorts can't suppress this forever. Daily volume is still good and it's costing them a fortune. We have been 3 days in red. I am expecting a launch today. May not happen, but feeling odds are in our favor considering we have held in 6s for 3 days straight. If it does run, the run is going to be big with shorts covering.

If you dont like my post, feel free to block me no hard feelings. Dont really care as your opinions don't pay my bills.

$TESLA $NIO Inc. $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group $Naked Brand $Sorrento Thera $Fisker Inc $Nano Dimension $Amazon.com $Aurora Cannabis $American Airlines Swiftwind 12/04/2020 12:39