10/30/2020 18:47

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust Thank you. Good move. though we need more than 10k forgiveness and no interest . Im voting for whoever benefiting me.still in student debt for the past 5 years even i keep paying every month and with interest i dont see the loan going down that much.probably finish paying my student loans before age of 45 😰😭
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🇺🇸hillbillyGAINSsnatcher🇺🇸10/30/2020 19:24
Trump 2020


Victoriano10/30/2020 19:15
It’s only promises , don’t believe Biden he just wants your vote


slaptheask10/30/2020 18:55
if you don't vote for me you ain't black!


slaptheask10/30/2020 18:53
btw he's lying, did that ever cross your mind? politicians do that ya know, and he's had almost 50 years as one

slaptheask10/30/2020 19:12

research the difference between republican and democrat at least before you make your decision, please don't let it only be based on the fact that you get something for nothing. I promise you someone has to pay for it in the end

slaptheask10/30/2020 19:11

you're free to vote for whomever you want, that's your right. my opinion things will get much worse with biden as president. I was once a democrat also, bit all you have to do is look at democrat run states and you can see they aren't the best option. they micromanage everythingI assure you if he does forgive your student debt, it won't come without ties. there will be stipulations to qualify, and even then you'll have to jump through a bunch of hoops only to possibly get it.

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Manbearbull10/30/2020 18:52
So you're voting for whoever tells the best lies?

MakeMoney$10/30/2020 19:00

why Trump did not come with similar plan at least. Give him the benefit of the doubt and we will see


Dagodown 10/30/2020 18:50
You're high if you think that will be executed. You'll be looking a sitrep on that the entire 4 yrs. 🤷‍♂️


Stocks w/Smokin’ D10/30/2020 18:49
“Biden makes promise but doesnt tell us how“


DirtySanchez36110/30/2020 18:49
Hey college student who the hell do you think is fonna cover your tab. Pay your own shit

slaptheask10/30/2020 18:51

yes taxpayers of course


Darkalbo10/30/2020 18:48
not fair to the people who don't take government loans because they can afford it


Darkalbo10/30/2020 18:48
or or or don't go to college if you can't afford it? I'm in college cause i can afford it. I don't want to pay for your mistake. NTY

Darkalbo10/30/2020 18:52

go to trade school or get a job while in school not hard, i work 40 hr weeks while doing school

Ale***com10/30/2020 18:50

then how can they afford it?


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