11/08/2020 20:00

little different this time. full week. of course any big news nulls everything n it could go in a different direction, one way or the other. but here goes. senate being up for grabs is a huge factor in the markets moving forward, one would think monday sell off, but I doubt it. I think monday they pull more investors in at the top, to make them think it doesn't matter, so an up day. Tues n Wed are sell days, nice pull back. Thursday is a buy in day, nice little recovery, and friday is a sideways with a little push to the downside day. I think the week overall is down, but nothing disastrous, overall as a week just a mild pullback for more upside to come.

Now I've been pretty damn good lately, especially with the daily predictions, but this is a little ambitious in uncertain times haha. We shall see.......$TESLA $Walt Disney $SPDRยฎ S&P 500 ETF Trust $DOW JONES $NASDAQ 100 Index $Russell 1000 Index $Microsoft $Apple $AMD $Amazon.com
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Talisman11/08/2020 21:37
When Trump offers some sort of REAL evidence other than empty manilla folders we will be happy to take a second to look!

Betterbullishness Bearau11/09/2020 02:55

You mean stacks of unlabeled file folders full of blank papers?

sandermancity11/08/2020 21:41

and will immediately dismiss any legitimacy


visitant trader11/08/2020 20:45
....I feel the same way for the same reasons...


CroCaCola11/08/2020 20:37
I second that.


Gypsy11/08/2020 20:12
Dang you got the whole week planned out. one day at a time young grass hopper. look for a huge pre-market indication.

Hollywood11/08/2020 22:12

n listen grasshopper, you can look at the futures for an idea of what might happen tomorrow! absolutely brilliant!

CroCaCola11/08/2020 20:56

Dav the fact that you fail to see the value in having a plan is more than a little alarming.

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