11/09/2020 07:06

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I've been telling everyone for months the market would embrace biden way more due to his trade policies are such a vital port. export countries (india,China,brazil) will do excellent under biden and tech will soar as China is taking off. I was telling everyone to load up on Chinese stocks for months. the China bull market is just beginning.

0% rates and low taxes S&P is going to 6k next year.
the trump turds were brainwashed by Trump into thinking biden was bad for the market

you guys will love making money under predient biden
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All Comments(5)

adr***com11/09/2020 08:40
*&$%$ china and biden

Pokerpro2111/09/2020 08:41

go home loser you trump turds whine everywhere get lost


YZY11/09/2020 07:50
Tell me what US dollar demand tell you...

YZY11/09/2020 07:50

You need dollars i need dollars ... everyone needs dollars where are the dollars ???


ann***com11/09/2020 07:46
try to respect china as an adversary please. it's hard to put that before your money but I promise they have some old proverbs about just that.

Pokerpro2111/09/2020 07:49

nah focus on bringing back manufacturing and leave China drama alone. I'm ready for the bull market 🤑


WSB Mod11/09/2020 07:24
Couldnt agree more


WojTek11/09/2020 07:17


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