11/10/2020 22:36

$Amazon.com $200.00 Account challenge day 4. up to $677.00 After my big gain then wipe out back to $490 yeaterday. I bought into Amazon with a Call again at its bottom. Not much of a gain but I have a feeling that we may get a rally in a sec.

Amazon has consistently lost 8 to 10% after each rally, and it has hit that 8% mark.Plus I saw a Triangle pattern forming. In this account I'm using I can only do 3 day trades a week, so I'm holding my last one to Friday and swinging till then.

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KingHakim77111/11/2020 19:22
God @


Matt11/11/2020 11:50
The option the call option you claim to of bought with strike price 3230, is six dollars, or $600 per contract. And that was the low point, yesterday it was as high as $15 per contract, so how did you buy one contract with $200, you cannot buy it for less than $600

KingHakim77111/11/2020 19:18

It matter what platform you trade on but end of day was 677 and change not 600 on merrill lynch

KingHakim77111/11/2020 19:17

im not trading 200 a day I started the account with 200 and going up

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Steve11/10/2020 23:59
What Are tou currently holding in small account

KingHakim77111/11/2020 00:22

A call option for 3230, thats all.


Steve11/10/2020 23:41
Are you doing is on webull? how are you enabling all options

KingHakim77111/10/2020 23:44

Every platform has the feature most people don't know


fre***com11/10/2020 23:40
went down to 250 8 days in up to 2100$


CitySlick11/10/2020 23:26
How are you buting calls for $200?

CitySlick11/10/2020 23:41


KingHakim77111/10/2020 23:28

Enable all options to show, its hidden on most platforms, but usually A little button or settings on the option window.


$Millionaire$$11/10/2020 23:13
How many contracts you can buy?


Mai Redd11/10/2020 23:11
Dude you're so awesome ! Didn't think I could even touch #Amzn with my small account. I'm a follower now! 😁

maj***com11/11/2020 01:41

Buy the crazy dip. I got in March at 1600. I'm LT with this.


Ael***com11/10/2020 23:10
You will blow your account like this.

KingHakim77111/10/2020 23:21

Yes I did buy it at a predictive state. Its better to buy Out of the money options In the trend not predictive thesis trades.


Rhino11/10/2020 23:06
Which chart is that?

KingHakim77111/11/2020 01:54

Amazon 10 minute but its confir.wd on multiple time frame


Came4themoney11/10/2020 22:50
So you’re doing an all or nothing account? Most use the 10% rule when starting out, That way you atleast have 10 tries, not one hahaha. unless the option you bought was so far out of the money ota a lottery ticket?

Kris Bay11/11/2020 00:17

replied @KingHakim771: If you can do it with a small account, you can also do it with a big one

KingHakim77111/10/2020 22:59

3230 Call on Amazon. Im trying to get a point across. That you can use out of money calls start with a small account and grow. BUT you are right.


Sheingawd11/10/2020 22:46
Im intrested on how you are doing this


🐺🐺G@ng🐺🐺11/10/2020 22:41
honest ? did you buy a amazon call and if so how did you do that with such little money...Maybe i missed something

🐺🐺G@ng🐺🐺11/10/2020 22:43

ok yeah i was like wth but now i see

KingHakim77111/10/2020 22:42

You have to enable all Option strike prices. no bullshit


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