11/11/2020 04:49

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust question... do you guys buy options for current week or at least a week or 2 out? cause I seem to get a lot of negativity for my calls which haven't gone bad for me at all. only options you should be buying 1-3 days out should be puts. but I really what know what you guys r doing. I keep seeing posts about theta burn and all this but you realize week 2-4 week out plays are worth the price right? less theta and more time for growth
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clw***com11/11/2020 07:23


Pas***com11/11/2020 06:18
@Vinny man, would you be opposed to posting how you find your plays? I’m taking hard price to learn lessons numerous times but you seem to 90% of the time be on the right square everyday! Or atleast post your plays as you take them?

Vinny11/11/2020 09:05

I post my plays the second after I take them. no one listens to me or sees the bigger picture. I use moving average lines to trade by.


Junior11/11/2020 05:25
0dtes 🔥💀

Vinny11/11/2020 09:02



LPG3311/11/2020 05:13
Depends on your style of trading.. Study options chain at the end of The day look at strike prices you want to plaY and see how it moved throughtout the day. (Good exercise if your new)

. but in short there is many factors when it comes to options prices like impLied volatility will increase vega causing the price in option to be very liquid.. learn the basics of how price is effected vias the greeks

Entry cost “timing” and exit (profits or Great risk management)
got to find your style!

Stay Green friend 💰


FearAndTrembling11/11/2020 05:13
I'm not good enough at picking entry/exit points to do same week options. if I'm off by even a little then my losses explode or I get stopped out, so unless I'm feeling ultra confident mine are almost always a couple weeks out or more.


d0wNt0wN11/11/2020 05:04
I always give myself a Few days incase i buy too early... gotta give your trades a fee days sometimes. Nothing owrse Than buying short term options and the jump is a day after expiration

Vinny11/11/2020 11:58

this!!! this is why I go long. I got blessed monday


Alex11/11/2020 04:58
Sir, half these people are probably from WSB. I'm pretty sure most are gambling with the short-term expecting to beat MM.


Vinny11/11/2020 09:03

lmao truthhhh


nat***com11/11/2020 04:57
I do both. same week expiration for day trades. and 4 weeks out minimum if I'm not day trading


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