Cobra Kai

11/11/2020 15:50

$TESLA $Apple $Amazon.com $ZOOM VIDEO $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $NIO Inc.

Just wondering how old everyone is on here. Feel free to comment your age and what first got you into trading!

- I’m 19 and i started a year ago after getting into finance through watching Graham Stephan, and Andrei Jikh.. I started out as a day trader, but we all know the PDT rule so I moved on over to options trading, which I like a lot better. Going to try to get into spreads and doing more complicated trades like an iron butterfly now that i’ve gained experienced. Whats your guys story? #Options Trading

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Pierce Naas11/12/2020 05:55
18 just got into trading a couple months ago. Can someone on here mentor me kinda and explain this process? Trying to get into more complex trading


maj***com11/11/2020 22:08
Boomer here. Fortunate enough to have received inheritance that was stocks. Berkshire Hathway Class A was the gold mine at 300k a share. Grandparents lived in same ranch house 40 Years. They just bought Buffet stock years ago and held long term. I added to portfolio by looking at future growth. $TESLA $NIO Inc. $Amazon.com sold Zoom 2 weeks ago. $Apple $MicroVision $AMD $Nvidia $Pfizer $Walt Disney $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC.


702****14611/11/2020 19:55
25 started right after apple and tesla split been a horriblle 3 months want to quit every day you people are unpredictable phsyco paths and that sums it

maj***com11/11/2020 21:59

Why is he a psychopath? If you had bought Tesla last year at 200 a share you'd have gained 2k a share b4 the split. A split means nothing now unless it's a dividend stock. Ever since fractional shares were allowed there is no mass buyers. Not sure if you use options, a day trader...but if you even hold 2 years you'll be quite happy.


Moose11/11/2020 17:30
31 just started last year. its great to see such young people getting into investing/trading


JCF11/11/2020 17:18


Lyvanni11/11/2020 17:01
Im 17 years old. Me and my mom trying to learn how to trade. We have 4 -5 month trading.

Spaceman11/11/2020 17:21

Illegal to trade under 18. Be careful


joann Loves CountryLife11/11/2020 16:44
I am 70 year old grandmother on social security....just got started couple months ago ....so far not winning or losing...just getting feet wet....got interested watching utube videos...learning as I go......


An0nym0us Trader11/11/2020 16:30
I'm seeing a bunch of us Millennials' on here.


An0nym0us Trader11/11/2020 16:28
I'm 38 years old and I got into trading back in U. S. History class in High School when my teacher was teaching the class about stocks, the economy, markets, foreign exchange, and bonds. I did naturally well in the class and for hooked, because I guess I'm a dopamine junky. 😂 True story.


SJ Poker11/11/2020 16:15
When are you moving out of your parents' basement?


Captain P11/11/2020 16:11
39 im a sport fishing captain

An0nym0us Trader11/11/2020 16:28

OK Forest. Lol.

SJ Poker11/11/2020 16:14

I am a shrimp boat captain.


Gypsy11/11/2020 16:06
Damn..... and i thought i was the only cobra kai guy lol

Cobra Kai11/11/2020 16:10

You can be the older sensei from original 😄

Cobra Kai11/11/2020 16:08

An imposter! 😱


Ton***com11/11/2020 16:04

Cobra Kai11/11/2020 16:10

Ayye how you manage to trade early?


puz***com11/11/2020 16:03

Cobra Kai11/11/2020 16:08

When’d you get into stocks?


Denis12311/11/2020 16:03

Cobra Kai11/11/2020 16:07

Represtenting the younger traders! We’re here to stay 💪


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