11/12/2020 02:00

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust 354 For the B from the B then 360 for the C from but looks more like Running B to go all way to peak at C from the B at 60s 🤔
the B then corrective C in 5 waves phase 👌🏻

XABCDE Diagonall triangle pattern on 15 min

KDJ rejection and no Higher high in EWO oscillator
Price Higher Lows and Lower Lows in EWO good luck everyone 🥂 ☝🏻
SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust-0
SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust-1
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All Comments(7)

ice***com11/12/2020 03:37
The trend is your friend.

YZY11/12/2020 03:47

Thigth it up way to far from some bounces Trendlines sometimes could gave the ilussion of being broken but they do that just cause they in a middle of a cycle ... Wave 12345 can act as a big 1 while ABC from main cycle can act as big 2 ... aka Trend lines being broken everywhere any time... they only serve as reference for support - resistance thats how i see things .. way different than others 👌🏻


YZY11/12/2020 03:19


Bird11/12/2020 02:59
Futures are bleeding, if we break todays lows after hours tonight maybe we completed wave B today and are starting wave C now

YZY11/12/2020 03:18

Chart suggesting Hidden bullish divergence bro i think B not done yet since cycle goes 12345- (12345) A -(ABC) B - (12345) C and since A was conpleted in 5waves phase B should be completed in 3 waves phase wich today seemed to be a running small B from the Corrective B and should lead us to small C from the corrective B and there B will be completed then a 12345 will start to complete the corrective C and end of a ZigZag correction for the minutete cycle


Womentrade211/12/2020 02:31
I feel like you just explained a very difficult math problem.

YZY11/12/2020 02:55

😆 Hahahahah didn’t know how to properly explain it lol


Bird11/12/2020 02:27
Love this 👌💯🥂

YZY11/12/2020 02:54

Thanks 😁


yan***com11/12/2020 02:09
Hermano,lo único que le falta a ese chart es,puré de tomate y queso,créeme que saldría un spaghetti bien sabroso 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Vinny11/12/2020 02:41


YZY11/12/2020 02:12

Si eso se te hace spaghetti espera ver a mis demas charts


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