11/13/2020 04:44

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust I seriously wanna cry myself Tonight...
can someone just put me out my misery while i sleep so i dont have to rip rhe bandaid off in the mOrning 😂
Im strugglIng with my great moveS turned right around and threw back.
gonna be so stingy now and really look past the 1-5 day charts
Going to a cash account and im only gonna be in the market for 30 minutes or so at a time and take small percentages consistently rarher than hold for the home runs
Good luck trading 🙏
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All Comments(10)

Pas***com11/13/2020 10:43
@d0wNt0wN wake up man! Expensive lesson avoided 🤑 CHEERS🍻

d0wNt0wN11/13/2020 12:53

I mogut be able to get a little money back but i still lost a boatload on that trade


sba***com11/13/2020 09:18
hahaha imagine if you thought the market was red this week or something


ViperPhysics 11/13/2020 07:44
blame these motherfu**ers for the volatility and money shifting and big shorting and covering run ups eod


Junior11/13/2020 07:24
You live and you learn 🔥💀 brighter days for you sir 🙏🏻


DrWright11/13/2020 05:28
you know i thought to myself, when you were rubbing your gains in the other day, "this guy is going to experience the downside soon". little did I know it would immediately happen.

everyone makes a few grand off of good moves but only the minority actually keep it.

how long before you'll have 25k to day trade now? minus your initial 1500 of course.

regardless, youve still done better than alot so far, as long as you can control the bleeding and regroup.


2BlckHammer711/13/2020 05:24
Im no pro but in the Monthly tiMe frame, RSI shows in oversold range, ATH on no real foundation, MACD shows upward momentum is slowlying which Imdeems like a downwRd recersal


Pas***com11/13/2020 05:21
So many of us know what you‘re going through. Remember, You are never alone in the world of emotions involved with trading. As long as you have not played with money you cannot afford to lose, a valuable lesson was made. Although it was expensive AF, you can build from it and become a better more disciplined less emotion driven trader. Tear it off and dont look back but, forward. GL to you


Eddie11/13/2020 05:21
Base hits. Not home runs.


FireWolf11/13/2020 05:05
He buys dogecoin now


WhiZz_Chalupa11/13/2020 04:53
did u get calls or puts or bitcoin

WhiZz_Chalupa11/13/2020 05:31


DrWright11/13/2020 05:22

check his posts from monday morning on and you will see the saga unfold to this point. its been a roller coaster, one hell of a ride but he has run out of track. *Spoiler* he crashes tomorrow.


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