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11/13/2020 20:21

This might be the most generic post for most of you, but infact 90% of you who are aware about this stuffs cant manage your risk and eventually lose the money. Yes, I am talking about you who lose the money either because you didnt know when to enter and when to exit or because you became greedy and wait till everyone else in the market start to take their profit. I will share you some of the strategies that I have been teaching to my newbies students.

- A fairly simple but most powerful strategy to win the market is to use those three day trades wisely. You can make enough profit in a week just by trading three times in a week. You dont have to have 25k in your account to grow your account.

- If you feel you are going to lose money or you are scared because the whole market is red, then dont trade on that day.

- If you think you can get a small green and run away through the volatility, then use your day trade wisely and lock your profits immediately.

- why do you go all in ? Why dont you trade 50% of your portfolio and save other 50% to either reduce your stock price by buying the dips or to trade when you see great opportunities. Most of the time you regret because you dont have free cash in your account and you missed opportunities. By time when you sell some stocks and free some cash, you buy the stock at its highest price and the stock keep on going down. You are demotivating yourself just because you didnt played it wise.

- Why do you trade options when you don't know how to trade stocks? The majority of newbies see that people making 300-400% in options and they want to jump into options, but my friend I consider stock trading as driving car and options trading as flying aeroplane. Although they help you to reach your destination, they are completely different.

The list goes on and on, but if you will simply follow these advice, then 90% of the time you will be profitable. Let me know why you lose money? and what's your biggest weakness that you are still not able to correct. I might help you. let's go team profit 🙏🚀🤑 $TESLA $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Apple $NIO Inc. $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group $Boeing $Amazon.com $AMD
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Tony Soprano11/16/2020 02:43
That PFE call from last week is green

Profit Guru11/16/2020 03:09

Tony, I only recommend when most of my calculations shows green. But make sure to always lock your profit for short run options although time decay will be relatively low, we cant let the green go away from our portfolio


Happy Idiot11/14/2020 22:54
great advice. last week I bought puts and the big boys kept the prices up and burned the puts. I didn't have enough in my account to go out longer it time. I'm learning.


Papillon11/14/2020 09:15
Thanks for the advices, well receive!


mad***com11/14/2020 03:13
Whats the best 5G stock out there?


Señor Glasshands11/14/2020 00:41

Jordu11/14/2020 18:10

one look at your page and I feel really bad for you


Mad Maudo11/14/2020 00:39
Following now ! Free Game Alert 🚨


mad***com11/14/2020 00:30
I have stocks in Fiverr (FVRR), Pinterest (PINS) and Psizer

Profit Guru11/14/2020 00:38

Pfizer is likely to be a winning stock. While other stocks will piggyback once Pfizer or market (S&P) will rise. Good choices.


StevePrime11/13/2020 22:49
I fit the bill on every mark. I have no experience. Im keying into what should be profitable stocks but my entrys and exits are horrible. Early on I had a huge problem woth panic selling. Now when I go red im working on averaging down. For instance, im at a buy price of .63 for SNDL. Horrible enrty point. I need to back off, set up a few nice investments, like holding NIO or KCAC for a year to see how that plays and then study. I hurt myself this week. ugh.

Legendary11/16/2020 03:48

if you need information on chart patterns candle sticknpatterns and the like follow me and I will post them for you to copy and study. good luck.

Legendary11/16/2020 03:45

candlesticks imo are important to be able to read as well as an indicator or 2. candlesticks will tell you when to get out. and i don't just mean red or green sticks. but the formation and pattern.really good place to start if your having trouble with entry and exit. if you get out too early so what? better than staying to long and tying up assets

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BiggerBadderWolf 11/13/2020 22:47
thanks bro 💯


WolfofMemeStreet11/13/2020 22:20
Aleady knew all of this. This is common sense.

Mad Maudo11/14/2020 00:39



Steve11/13/2020 22:15
Many people struggle with a plan of where to start and how change your vourse of action througout the week.

Robert Petty11/15/2020 15:27

I am one of em.. i work Plan over the weekend and wensday comes my forecast turned to shit and then i am lost trying to regroup... i need to be more tight with my money and be sure to set stop losses!

Went from 427.89 dollars to 76.52 dollars currently off of two bad puts. First one I thought i bought a call.. 2nd one was just a bad choice.. Information is power, i Need to stop going by the mind set “ ignorance is bliss “


Rekkon11/13/2020 22:05
bars !

BiggerBadderWolf 11/13/2020 23:01



prettypenny11/13/2020 22:03
Great post. Especially the week I’ve had. im going to say It was a learning week not a terrible week. I need a plan and as you said i need to limit my trades to three days. I am breaking even or loosibg what I make. I over trade and realize i need to limit my trades. i forget to cover or put in a trailing loss stop as i get distracted. I need to combat

Over trading
Not Putting loss stops
I need to stick to my plan and be patient
I need to preserve returns by settIng aside funds

Profit Guru11/13/2020 22:04

Exactly, you are not going to be a millionaire over night.


HungryHippo11/13/2020 21:07
Thank you, brother! There should be more people like you out here, trying to help and inspire others. We should be a united community. I haven’t been doing this long, but I already see that there is a lot of manipulation amongst the Big ”Whales”, trying to keep it all for themselves. So this grind shouldn’t be us against each other. Peace And Love!!!

los***com11/14/2020 00:09

Yes,Thank you. We are one!

Profit Guru11/13/2020 21:08

Exactly. You are on the right track and great days are waiting for you. Stay motivated.


DeanGilberry11/13/2020 21:04
got a YouTube channel?

Hum***com11/13/2020 21:56

following u! maybe, I quit making dumb trades! lol... I know a market correction is long due! biden spoke 5% Corporate tax increase, which depends liberal majority to pass! for fake libertarian rand Paul? ky senator is really conservative minded! and, well, now senate majority depends upon GA! seeing all this money in markets, in Corporations, individuals are struggling bad! I'm poor!

Profit Guru11/13/2020 21:09

Unfortunately, I dont have one. You can follow me here, Twitter, ST, and Facebook.


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