11/14/2020 01:53

I'm up $2200 after my first week in the $200.00 small account challenge.

I've cleared more than that but lost $740.00 on a put for abandoning a trade, and $1200 more from a different option. Both I attribute to my carelessness. Lack of exit point, and abandoning. Next week target hit the $10,000s at least $5k in the same account. Thinking of 30 days. Day 8 will come on Monday.
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All Comments(6)

$Millionaire$$11/14/2020 13:46
Hello Bro.. you’re nspiration for us.. just wondering are you able to buy contract on expiry date? My BS robeenhood account don’t allow me to buy anything on expiry?

$Millionaire$$11/14/2020 16:54

Thanks 🙏

Sah***com11/14/2020 14:04

Webull allows RH does not


Stock Strategy Team11/14/2020 02:28
bro buying a call or put on exp day it is the game
Ps (not a lot people know )

KingHakim77111/14/2020 02:42

Let all the Theta run out to its minimum and get in cheapest.

KingHakim77111/14/2020 02:28

Yes but have to wait to after 12:30


Vampire Don11/14/2020 02:21
Good shi King🤑🦇


AquaticaBoi11/14/2020 02:05
Please teach me the ways brother

KingHakim77111/14/2020 02:12

Im doing a small option out the money trading system. Im usually a high momentum gap trader. Trading out the money you need to follow the long range intraday stocks. Waiting for the pull back and buying the cheap options and end of day continuation plays.

When I do high momentum plays I scalp in the money options.


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