11/14/2020 16:46

Here is another tip I use for day trading options- I only trade options on stocks that have weekly options. Monthly options are only viable during the last week of expiration because weeks out they are too expensive. I look for ones I can afford multiple contracts at one time, x10+ for more return on the premium side. I hope that helps :)

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All Comments(11)

BigBullz11/15/2020 15:04
Does the .05 increments affect your trading when trading the cheaper ones?

Mpiresteve11/15/2020 16:43

I try my best to stay away from the .05c unless it’s $ZM.


315****81011/15/2020 09:40
This is bad advice for 99.99% of people but if you’re one of the 0.01% good for you. I’m not

Mpiresteve11/15/2020 16:46

This strategy does not require a lot capital. I’ve made double my money with $200 risk multiple times. If you’re trading in general, it’s risky. There is nothing wrong with trying a new strategy :)


Bogdanoff11/14/2020 21:09
OTM weekly options are VERY HIGH RISK and it's dangerous the way you're casually encouraging this. Clearly you're new to options and shouldn't be giving advice. MMs must love you because they can sell more OTM options (that will expire worthless) to new naive investors. There are ways for experienced (or lucky) traders to profitably trade weekly options but shame on you for steering new traders towards a cliff.

win***com11/15/2020 04:50

I think u both are right But im up huge on weeklys but also blew up a 20k account at the end of summer doing so But i learned a lot Weeklys are risky but they pay huge gains

cla***com11/14/2020 21:54

It probably has something to do with the current Market too, but i have had some success in it too. but if you cant stomach a 30% move up or down Before you can blink... Look elsewhere

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aan***com11/14/2020 18:20
Do you buy ATM,ITM or OTM?

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 18:22

Normally OTM because I can get more of those. Not far though, just a dollar or two.


Brown11/14/2020 18:09
I find selling deep ITM calls to be profitable. The amount of times you win on an OTM call vs in the money is substantial. I look at extrinsic value and Delta as being biggest determined factor in selling the call. Obviously current events like ex div and earnings are a factor. But collecting 2-300 per sell and havijg the stock callEd away doesnt bother me. it lowers my capital gains cost and being able to put that the stock was sold for a loss

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 18:12

ITM are more expensive. I learned this strategy to build my small account into a larger account and its been working :) Ill keep doing OTM because I can afford more of them and I am not holding them long. Low risK if it’s a stock youre familar with.


Ben11/14/2020 17:52
If you are new buying lots of contracts in ootions will blow your account

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 18:04

100%, thats why Im in and out in minutes and you still need to be correct on the direction.


Thesenutz111/14/2020 17:46
Who cares lol

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 18:03

Obviously you do since you took the time to read this and make a comment.


tif***com11/14/2020 17:23
Thank you! Truly..

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 17:28

Np :)


Sidekick11/14/2020 17:20
Can we be friends ?

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 17:28

We are friends :)


Bullsdeep11/14/2020 16:55
I agree with some of this and If it works for you then don't change a thing of course but buying weekly options is high risk and might be beyond some people's risk tolerance. options with a 60 to 90 day exp usually have the highest returns % wise generally speaking. Scalping weeklies is def a profitable strategy and I also do it for quick in and outs and even same day exp sometimes. But I realize it's also super high risk. Just thought I'd add that in here.

619****98211/14/2020 17:36

Where in your opinion can i learn more strategies im just starting out??

Mpiresteve11/14/2020 16:58

I grab between x50 and x100 usually and sell super fast. A few cent increase will net a large return.


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