11/15/2020 02:12

10 Trading Sins
1. Never set a stop loss
2.Extending your stop loss
3.Averaging down contracts
4. Shorting on momentum stocks
5. Sizing up contracts before earnings
6. Trading emotionally
7. Against the overall market trend
8. Wanting for more profits
9. Letting your contracts expire worthless
10. Jumping in a trade without a solid plan.

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tin***com11/16/2020 12:42
Wow! I'm a sinful trader...please tell me how to sign up to your group so I can work on repenting and start minimizing my losses, I really need some experienced guidence....


Soggy Bottom Boys11/15/2020 16:11
Avg down Contracts is sometimes the best thing to do when trading Options! Obviously, NOT ALWAYS, but it has saved me many times in the past.
I dont recommend it every single time! It all depends on the situation.

EdwinTrades🌱11/15/2020 16:13

I agreed, but def not avging down the options when it goes agaist you. Brokeout support line and etc.


There Will be Blood11/15/2020 12:42
I don't know about that options advise. how do you stop overnight gaps rendering a contract worthless? but I also usually don't hedge with contracts expiring next Friday. some of the advise is good but it's extremely situational. maybe just show #10, what a solid decision looks like, and all the other problems should be less frequent.

EdwinTrades🌱11/15/2020 13:28

This is why you dont sizing up doing swings because you cant have a risk managemen with that, others are apply to day trades


Million Cupcakes11/15/2020 10:22
Where can I see your plays for new traders? You give good advice. Thanks.


Bet***com11/15/2020 08:27
Why not a stop loss? Incase it blows pass it?

Dustin11/15/2020 11:37

he means not setting a stop loss is a sin


Stockme11/15/2020 03:42
As long as you have hedges on your hedges....little sprinkle of hedge here...sell calls...buy puts.....sell puts on stock you want to acquire...jump on here. Put there...call here....options everwhere .. follow this plan and yOur solid. Lmao

Stockme11/15/2020 03:47

Your list is good advice. A lot of behinner mistakes can be avoided if followed. Of course you cant learn if you avoid to mich

EdwinTrades🌱11/15/2020 03:43

Good advice 😂

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Tahoe_Bull11/15/2020 02:54
you left off over trading... opening to many positions to manage properly


Tahoe_Bull11/15/2020 02:52
number 3 is a big no no...itd a great way to get clapped. your better off buying a put with less time on it then your call I've learned


EdwinTrades🌱11/15/2020 02:33
My thoughts on #5. when you play earnings, its usually considered gambling, have you seen any good earnings report yet the stock tanked at pre market? A lot. You dont want to spend too much on a contract, any contracts has over 80% implied volatility you better hope that whatever the put ot call you got goes on your way, because of the iv crush can eat your premiums away easily.

3GT4R🤙11/15/2020 02:54

Yea. Options is gambling pretty much.hah. All speculations. just gotta know how to play it.

3GT4R🤙11/15/2020 02:47

Gotcha.. but then NIO have at least over 100% IV on weekly options? Yea I know about IV crush on earnings.

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3GT4R🤙11/15/2020 02:18
Is #5 a bad idea?

Tur***com11/16/2020 00:21

IV Crush!

tht1guy9111/15/2020 13:13

easy solution... iron condor.

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