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11/16/2020 03:30

Folks,I will like to share another common mistake that most of my newbies students made before I correct them. I will like to link this with options because most newbies assume options will make them super rich. Yes they are right. if you properly know how to play with options, then just playing around with one single volatile stock will give you good green. However, little knowledge is dangerous.

I will like to use $NIO Inc. as an example. Many people were assuming that it will go to 60$ after the rally of 45. I have been always saying that NIo is gold for a long run however if you are playing short run options or trading, then you should know that people will lock their profits, and short sellers will become active once there is a good massive green run for couple of days.

People who hold NIO calls assuming it will go up tomorrow and so on will regret because no stock will go up at the same level once it have a massive sell off. It will take about more than a week to weeks to go back to $54 again.

However the time decay will keep on crushing the option premium every single day. If it will not make a massive move then IV will keep on decaying the premium as well. Meaning you are losing money either way. Why dont you make it simple? Why dont you just trade and lock your profits if you end green, and close your options if you feel that the stock gonna fall all day? Why you come on comments and flight that NIO will go up again in a same day while the chart clearly says that it will not go anyway in the same day?

This is just an example. As I said little knowledge is dangerous but little knowledge with arrogance is even more worst. So, make it simple. Dont trade much. You dont need to have a big account to grow your portfolio. if you feel comfortable day trading, then only trade three times a week. Learn to know when the stock is high and when its low. The ultimate goal is to buy low and sell high, and that's what those all indicators indicates right? Dont have FOMO and dont try to catch a falling knife (bleeding stock) or a running train (to the moon stock). Just wait, relax, and go when the stock is relaxed. You are more likely to stay green if you will simply focus in these simple strategies. Trading is not complicated. It's actually you who is making it complicated by mixing your emotions and arrogance.

Let's go team profit 🤑🚀🙏. We all can go green if we become calm and trade stocks like our business.

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Install_Wizard11/16/2020 13:33
Thank you a lot for helping us newbs!


serjio..11/16/2020 13:33


Exponential Ascent11/16/2020 12:42


lam***com11/16/2020 11:37
good knowledge, thank you!


Him11/16/2020 07:22
you teach bad English


UnKnown11/16/2020 05:19
My thing is that you may lose your trade but that will come back in 5 days. and well you lose your money and that shit is gone.

OptionsRMYObsession11/16/2020 12:22

Until I actually sampled with a few cheap ones! Now, Wanting to keep most my stocks long and just do options on a daily baSis. Great post!

OptionsRMYObsession11/16/2020 12:21

True overcoming profit, since really figuring options out, mine do best with exp months aHead, worth the extra cost! And one day I was up $600 on Nio options, the next day, lost most gains, day after? Cashed Out and made total of $2200 for only 4 Of them! I make much more on options and hold 6 dozen stocks, some long like Moderna (300 shares at $32) while others I just trade over and Over. Love my options, will def make a lot more money but figuring them out? Most important! I had hard time

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Armstrong for Trading 11/16/2020 05:18
you didnt say nothing new Guru

Profit Guru11/16/2020 06:12

The new terms will be introduced when we talk about candles in volume because there are more than 20 new terms about candles. These kinds of lesson wont be relevant to post. One will actually need to teach them via a video. Hope I will have sometime soon to teach this lesson but I have been super busy dealing with my 5k paid group students.


Karun11/16/2020 05:11


CroCaCola11/16/2020 04:36
Preach that shit! All great points.


GrumpyOldTroll11/16/2020 04:32
big reason why i didnt hold my call options past friday on nio, take the profit with options when you do have it.


Edgar GH11/16/2020 04:30
do you have a group to follow u?

Exponential Ascent11/16/2020 12:41


Profit Guru11/16/2020 04:33

You can follow me on Twitter, ST, and Facebook.


CroCaCola11/16/2020 04:28

dav***com11/16/2020 04:30

menschen plocht gott locht
man plans g-d laughs


Newbie11/16/2020 04:14
wont even read all that. kinda wordy. tone it down a bit champ.

CroCaCola11/16/2020 04:31

Twitter generation...

dav***com11/16/2020 04:31

agreed tl;dr

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Itsmehoneyd11/16/2020 03:50
Everyones running here for the earnings report more then anything

Profit Guru11/16/2020 03:52

Good earning usually lead a red day. Nio have been always winning the earning and traders trades based on future creating a massive sell off next day when the market opens. It's always tricky and there will come the technical analysis part. this way we will know what exactly price buyers are willing to buy.


734****56311/16/2020 03:47
thank you!


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