11/18/2020 14:55

$GoodRx Holdings, Inc. this selloff is ridiculous. Amazons new "free service" is NOT free. You think your grandma is going to pay 100bucks for amazon prime just to access the this service for 2 day shipping. goodrx is not a shipping company either. people dont want to pay 100 dollars and wait 2 days to get their meds when they can just get it over the counter discount with goodrx.
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Kevin11/19/2020 17:55
like I said...


303****89811/18/2020 15:06
grandma already has prime, has for years, just another perk for her!!

Kevin11/18/2020 15:25

ok so what if you're not home and they dont deliver? now you're without them longer?

Cody Campbell11/18/2020 15:14

@kevin people dont mind waiting an extra day for meds lol and meds are Only delivered when the recipient is home

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Junior11/18/2020 15:03
Oh damn still pushing this stock 🤔🔥💀 buy in cheaper and relax buddy 🤣


Bird11/18/2020 15:02
Undervalued he says lol. Tellin people to buy here at this valuation without any sign that the price has found a bottom is just you trying to convince other people to make the same mistake you did

Bird11/18/2020 15:08

Because the valuation was too high, and the bears are looking for any catalyst to attack en masse

Tickerfly11/18/2020 15:05

I think the fristration is based on the simple fact that Amazon is not offering a different product or making it more”competitive” so why the sell off?

And yes GDRX is over priced, but held its own dor quite somw time now.


Bird11/18/2020 14:58
You’re pushing a company with a clear breakdown in the chart. Great company for the reasons you mention but the market says its too expensive. Sorry but the chart is not saying you need to buy it today

Bird11/18/2020 14:59

Dude is your chart upside down? 🥱

Kevin11/18/2020 14:59

even before Amazon's announcement this company was undervalued


jnd***com11/18/2020 14:58


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