11/19/2020 07:39

$TESLA This beauty has been printing swing calls for me these past 2 days 💰

Cashed out my $Beyond Meat and $UPS calls 💰

Long: $Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (Just been buying below $19 and selling at $23 for like 8 months now. May snag some LEAPS)

watching: $Unity Software Inc. , $K12 Inc , $Nikola Corporation , $CHF Solutions , $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust , $Plug Power , $Pfizer , $PayPal , $Unity Software Inc. , NIO

~~~Sometimed I feel like Elon is an alian from an underground Mars colony (The Boring Company) sent to control the human population (Neuralink) 😂 Drop out of Stanford after 2 days then cashed out his $PayPal 💰 so he could start building rockets, self-driving electric cars, flamethrowers, underground transit tunnels, and brain chips. Hate all you want. He man is a LEGEND! ~~~

#Today's Profit / Loss #Options Trading #Options trading Strategies #Weekly Trading Reviews #My Favorite Features on Webull #WEBULL TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY $NIO Inc.
SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust-0
NIO Inc.-1
Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc-2
CHF Solutions-3
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All Comments(7)

Freebandz11/19/2020 14:29
FolloW my twtr


Ale***com11/19/2020 09:26
If market drop u lose that all most of u show their gain yhey never show their lose trust me they lose big 🤣 make money then u lose more than u make Can U Show us ur overallprofif

mor***com11/19/2020 09:59

Why you wanna hate? Maybe he’ll be taking it as soon as he can.


Retarded Chihuahua11/19/2020 07:56
hate to be that dude but could u shout out when u get into plays? i blew up my account on Nio and need a blessing 🥺

Retarded Chihuahua11/19/2020 08:20

thanks my man ✊🏼 you’re gonna be helping a lot of ppl out! comes in clutch with holiday seasons soon:)

NickBog90111/19/2020 08:00

got you


NickBog90111/19/2020 07:53
Forgot about this guy.


NickBog90111/19/2020 07:52


Vi11/19/2020 07:45
How did you buy tesla call so cheap?

jt2***com11/19/2020 10:43

how does that work?

lifeisgood11/19/2020 08:30

Long dated options or short term?

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kentoe-green11/19/2020 07:41
nicely played!

NickBog90111/19/2020 07:51

solid day. thanks buddy.


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$Palantir Technologies Inc. am I doomed?rez***com 11/29/2020 02:06
$Bitcoin told Yall will be hard to brake 18k btc is my living I trade leverage only 1/100 we make real money join me for signals and how to trade btc options and stocks enjoy your weekend and pray and take care god bless! Money is not everything family is! $TESLA $Genius Brands $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $NIO Inc. $Apple $Ideanomics Inc $XPRESSPA GROUP $IBIO $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Nikola Corporation $Aytu BioScience $Aytu BioScience $Sorrento Thera $Seanergy Cashingpriority 11/29/2020 01:52