11/20/2020 20:33

I hope everyone that follows me had a great week in the market! If your having trouble and second guessing some of your investments, take the time this weekend and try to evaluate some of the reasons why your having trouble or why the companies you own are in the red. When you invest long term, you give your money time to work for you. If nothing has changed with the business, remain calm and give it time. Any long term investment should be a minimum 3-5 year hold preferably 5. I will definitely be doing research on new companies to post and doing performance updates on some of the companies I’ve already posted. If you’re new to the market or just looking for affordable, good, smart and long term investments, feel free to follow me and check out the companies i post, own and performance updates on the companies i post. I posted two new companies this morning. Be sure to check them out as well as many others that I’ve posted, Have a great weekend!

$TESLA $Genius Brands $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $NIO Inc. $Apple $Ideanomics Inc $XPRESSPA GROUP $IBIO $Nikola Corporation $Workhorse Group $MicroVision $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Sorrento Thera $Naked Brand $Inovio Pharma $Gevo $Hyliion Holdings Corporation $WESTWATER RES $VAXART $Zomedica Corp $Fisker Inc $Boeing $Nano Dimension $AMD $Aurora Cannabis $DraftKings Inc $AGEAGLE AERIAL $Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc $Moderna $Marathon Patent $Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp $Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp $BLINK CHARGING
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(19)

Mrm***com11/21/2020 22:11
new here and will follow and hopefully be profitable

Oscar11/22/2020 00:58

As long as you have patience, you will definitely be profitable! Thank you for following, Have a great rest of the weekend!


OptionsRMYObsession11/21/2020 06:34
I’ve doubled my portfolio in 3 weeks since starting options and going long as You’ve stated, good comment!! Agree with you! Stocks and options seem to work well, Been w/Blink since 2.80 days! Up 700% on some, cheap calls back in Sept when thIs dropped over fake reports, cant beat strike 5 w/another month. May exercise like I did Coty, I’ve been loaded on EV and All charging since summer! Been great this year, keeps getting better!! Takes a LOT of time and PATIENCE but worth every second! I look forward to weekends now! Dont sleep much dUring the week so even though I’m up 22k on Blink a lone, the Amount of hours invested is insane, this has become my FT job Since June, invested since March! Next year will be stellar! I use to chase stocks from Welbull at 4am, still holding a few bags Awaiting to get closer to my exit and theyre each slowly climbing up! But worked my tail off to get to thIs point! Good luck to you!

Oscar11/21/2020 15:22

Im so happy to hear that! No need to rI sh your investments, let your money work for you! Please take some of your profit and build you a long term portfolio or add to what you have. Success is always better when you put the time in and make the sacrifices to succeed. Have a great weekend!


iluvbags11/21/2020 02:51
good list there. but ouch 3 of them served me my own ass 2 months ago.. but I did 6 flips this week n finally got back to 17k in my cash acct. gotta change my acct. very difficult flipping stocks while waiting for settled funds.. but not a bad week💵🏝🍷💹

Oscar11/22/2020 00:59



tar***com11/20/2020 22:25
I like this guys positive attitude!

Oscar11/20/2020 22:34

I appreciate that! When your happy in life, you dont stress over the little things. Life is to short to be a negative person. Have a great weekend and thank you for following!


Dave11/20/2020 22:02
XPRESSAGROUP?? Come on ...


GHungry11/20/2020 21:37
whether you're real or fake, thanks for the positive vibes!

Oscar11/20/2020 21:38

Have a great weekend brother!


Stonks only go up11/20/2020 21:32
Dude all your followers are blank accounts that follow one account, you. bet i know who made em lol

Oscar11/21/2020 03:15

I am a grown man, married with kids! I dont have time to be on here playing games! Have a great weekend

Sco***com11/20/2020 23:28

That is too Fing funny. I thought you were joking so i looked and that is no joke haha 🧐

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WHEN IS MERGER11/20/2020 21:04
What Call and Put plays your think will be good for next week?

Oscar11/20/2020 21:16

I dont promote options, sorry but im sure there are plenty of people that will point you in the right direction. Have a great weekend!


nol***com11/20/2020 20:52
Show me how much you’re up on the year

Oscar11/20/2020 20:58

For what? What will that prove? Im not here to prove anything, Have a great weekend!


sppul198111/20/2020 20:49
show me how much u made this yr from stock then maybe il follow u

sppul198111/20/2020 21:13

I like your attitude!

Oscar11/20/2020 20:56

Im a humble man! You wont catch me on here posting gains. Even if you dont follow me, i still hope you have a great weekend!


VAXART11/20/2020 20:45


SHW11/20/2020 20:42
So, do u think fsr Gonna fly by monday?

SHW11/20/2020 21:02


Oscar11/20/2020 20:52

If you’re long, i would sit back and enjoy the ride. Great potential!


Cha***com11/20/2020 20:40
Thank you for the refreshing comment. webull commenters are so irritatingly aNnoying 🙄

Oscar11/20/2020 20:50

😂 i try not be, have a great weekend!


Matt 11/20/2020 20:39


wes***com11/20/2020 20:39
Do you think chinese ev are dangerous?

Oscar11/20/2020 20:52

I own Tesla but have nothing against anything chinese. Have a great weekend!


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