CEO - Minuteman Power Services

11/27/2020 22:14

$Palantir Technologies Inc. 🔴It's Official Citron stole your money if you incurred losses as they purchased your shares after scaring you!🔴 See attached: THEY BROUGHT THE DIP! STOLE FROM THE PUBLIC THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING ... That's pretty scummy man. WHERE'S FINRA! I'd sue but I held.

Sorry guy's! Buy back in asap! Going to 34.06 Monday. Read my post I tried to warn everyone new in the morning.

🔮Bottom line. Everyone in the world needs Palantir software to get the vaccine in 3 days or less b4 it spoils. So Checkmate 40$ end of the year baby. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🔮

🔴Click on my name and Add Me for updates!

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All Comments(27)

Glitch11/28/2020 16:32
@CEO - Minuteman Power Services I’m just more mad I didnt wait longer for the further diP to buy even more shares again # AverageUp

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 16:35


CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 14:59
🔴🔮 More proof of the scheme. And Motivation!🔴🤯

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 15:02

Citron lost 1.11 Billion Dollars they day before manipulated the PLTR stock for gains


sun***com11/28/2020 14:51
You guys know this was photoshopped right?? Please check it yourself on webull. It’s Not Citron. Someone photoshopped it in there. This is why you need to do your own DD!!!

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 14:57

Dude day before. Citron lost 1.1 Billion dollars that's why the stole everywhere shares


206****98611/28/2020 03:32
Whats this i dont understand?

ros***com11/28/2020 14:04

that should be illegal in some cases it is. makes no sense to me lend my stock to a short to run it in the dirt then return it when its worthless. yea that makes sense. I don't understand why they do it. this place webull is a target for them cause they know most of the people are new and will fall for it.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 03:55

Short seller spooked and scooped a bunch of new investors out of 1.47 million shares


Kriswy11/28/2020 00:45
TBH, AFAIK, this will come back at least before 12/18. Not going to be next Monday, and very likely the fall won’t end here.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 01:00

It's sounds fucn nuts I know. Just ignore me man... sry

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 00:59

Even with Citron attacking it only deflected the chart by a small percentage like 1-2% nudge slowed it down by 3 hours it looks like


Bull rider11/28/2020 00:23
I thought only me who max out buying power😂. Go long PLTR

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/28/2020 00:24

lol.😎 That's what it for.... Buy Buy buy🚀🚀🚀


Redeye11/27/2020 23:40
Didn't they just do this to NIO like 2 weeks ago.

Andres Agudelo11/28/2020 05:28

2 days or so ..suite some time

Kriswy11/28/2020 00:39

And nio didn’t recover for auite some time.

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Kriswy11/27/2020 23:22
I knw Citron was going to short it as I saw their tweet. So i pulled and shorted it along with them. I am concerned that next week pltr will trade sideways for the entire week.

Kriswy11/28/2020 00:35

Day trader don’t leave money in overnight. I sold mu puts off with 80% profit. however, i still can see a lot of puts made by big money for next week. I am not sure you will have a week you prefer ahead of you.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 23:30

Yeah shorts are about to learn a lesson on Monday you can only effect 2-4% at the right time. Monday won't be any right time. Welcome to Plantir


jt2***com11/27/2020 23:17
so just so I'm following they shortened the stock? meaning that they sold a good amount of shares?

cal11/28/2020 16:11

they posted an article claiming pltr was a $20 stock while at the moment it was looking to push $35+. as soon as the article came out the stock completely stopped climbing and dropped from 33ish range to 27ish range causing mass sell off from panic.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 23:25

Nah man they let the short go and gobbled the up. Happy Thanksgiving Day Massacre.


CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 23:06
Well I did say that it was a "Smart Money " Play. Smart money holds and buys more on the dip.


sandermancity11/27/2020 23:03
can't he use the shares to short the sick? 🤔

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 23:05

It's a good thing he'll toughen investors up.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 23:05

Yes and expect it. I fight the shorts every day. Better believe that he rallied all of them today on PLTR.


LongTerm11/27/2020 22:58
Such a shame smh


Bigbull11/27/2020 22:52
How to check he brought the shares ? Where can we find it?

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 22:53

Pictures in middle Accredited Investors 1.48 million shares


joe***com11/27/2020 22:50
how do we know for sure they bought the dip thought because if they did for sure and we have proof then yes that is so unethical it's not even funny...maybe not illegal but highly unethical and hopefully hurts there reputation

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 22:51

Look at the time and sales log in the picture for Accredited Investors


Shorting_Corn11/27/2020 22:46
This is what Citron always does. Analysts there are garbage. They can't handle price action without a little manipulation on their part.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 22:49

They could have just bought they didn't have to shake people off.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/27/2020 22:47

Scummy man day after Thanksgiving


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