11/30/2020 21:08

Genius Brands-0
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kvn***com12/01/2020 11:19
Glad to have found you months ago. You have made me a considerable amount of money.

Herpfreesince0312/01/2020 17:38



Stocks & Smokin’ D11/30/2020 22:37
Glad you made a nice gain 👏🏽 it was a HUGE green day brother

Herpfreesince0311/30/2020 22:43

Appreciate it bro! Happy to hear you killed it today! 💪🏽🔥


Stocks & Smokin’ D11/30/2020 22:37
Big herp i been posting them for weeks now


✴✴a✴✴11/30/2020 22:03
$Jaguar Health 🚀🚀🚀🚀


Sturgill Thompson11/30/2020 21:57
Whats a good call to get IGC Brother herpies

Sturgill Thompson11/30/2020 22:13

Im going in raw

Herpfreesince0311/30/2020 22:10

Im playing common brother sturg!


Herpfreesince0311/30/2020 21:32
Email herpalerts@gmail.(om to jjoin


Rosso11/30/2020 21:23
nailed it brother! hope you are doing well! 🙏 killing the calls!! 🔥🔥🔥💯

Herpfreesince0312/03/2020 00:24

Thanks Rosso hope you had a good thanks giving as Well! 🙏🏼 @rosso

Rosso12/01/2020 22:17

thank you brother!! miss you as well!! hope you had a good Thanksgiving with the family 🙏🙏

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Mattsonius 11/30/2020 21:13
But im happy for you 👊

Herpfreesince0311/30/2020 21:49



Mattsonius 11/30/2020 21:13
308% + 40% does not equal 348%

Herpfreesince0311/30/2020 21:49

308% on amd and 40% on sndl


Mil***net11/30/2020 21:11
Cool story BRUUUUUH


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