12/03/2020 06:32

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Wow the first time a stock tripled soon after I bought it. Wish I had bought 1000000 shares so I can retire early. 😹😹😹

No, I do not really regret it. Every now and then I enjoy gambling with a little extra cash. But I only rest well when I put the majority of my investment into $TESLA $NIO Inc. $Square $Apple $SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust $Microsoft $Amazon.com $Alphabet $Facebook $Nvidia $Alibaba $Salesforce.com etc.
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All Comments(14)

✴✴a✴✴12/03/2020 09:50
$Jaguar Health 🚀🚀🚀🚀2+


ToneLoco12/03/2020 09:36
wrong stock dude..gtfo of here!


AmyX12/03/2020 09:18
Im a victim of beginners luck too. Don’t go chasign this high, its never this green again


bel***com12/03/2020 09:11
good deal man....good luck tday


I’m Yrxhtlyxcyawerxw12/03/2020 07:42
If you had those shares instead of them it never would have went up


Leigh12/03/2020 07:14


Tahoe_Bull12/03/2020 06:59
bro i hit 200% or more gains on like 5 plays a week. don't mean shit


RPTHEGWAY12/03/2020 06:49
sell it soon or hold the bags


RPTHEGWAY12/03/2020 06:48
it's gonna crash after the vote


TrumpLostMoveOn12/03/2020 06:34
you will lose your ass that company is shady

616****37112/03/2020 06:48

The money I make buyin and sellin shady companies spends the same.


Stove12/03/2020 06:33
Just the beginning!


TrumpLostMoveOn12/03/2020 06:33
junk but you should buy OGI or XXll

توم ريتشاردز12/03/2020 10:59

xxii??!!! 🤔🤦‍♂️

CaptBreadBeard12/03/2020 08:03

In addition to.


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