Patent guy

12/04/2020 15:30

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Sel***com12/04/2020 19:31
How to know otc stcks

Patent guy12/05/2020 15:52

Follow me, I will share my buys


jac***com12/04/2020 16:16
otc stocks are the way to go. join some pumper twitter groups and you can make 100% gains every day

LunchTrader$12/04/2020 16:49

Do you recommend any specific groups?


Muchi8812/04/2020 16:01
Should i buy more are wait few day loaad more

Patent guy12/04/2020 21:01

I m not selling it until it’s $1.


Patent guy12/04/2020 15:49

EdgeofmyseatTwiceaWeek12/04/2020 23:27

td Ameritrade?


Michael King12/04/2020 15:43
Nice 💪🏽💰💰💰


F**KSHORTS12/04/2020 15:32
paper trading is fun and all

Trader JOE12/04/2020 15:55

there is no paper trading on that platform

Patent guy12/04/2020 15:49

There!! If you think it’s paper trading


mcc***com12/04/2020 15:31


goldenboi12/04/2020 15:30
How did you find them?


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