BYND Vegan Supernova

01/05/2021 13:17

$SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust so look the Georgia runoffs are going to be with the Georgia runoffs are and personally I don't think it really matters whether Republican wins or democrat wins the markets going to do with the markets going to do whether we got a democratic Congress are Republican Congress I think the markets are going to do what they're going to do regardless. So have your little fun speculating on oh they're going to do this they're going to do that I think it's all f****** b******* and they're going to do about the same regardless. Jeff Bezos practically owns the Democrat Party Like do you think he is going to be losing money I don't think so. it doesn't f****** matter who wins that's what y'all don't understand but most of y'all are victims to this game that they're playing. it's all a game and you're the victim if you believe it but I don't believe any of it I think the markets are going to do about the same no matter who wins this
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arr***com01/05/2021 14:08
it matter dem win that tax hike happens rep stay they won't pass it


Stonks01/05/2021 13:43
No one cares what you think bro. Ima listen to analysts instead of some ghetto ass webull commentor who doesnt know shit about tje stock market.


Mil***net01/05/2021 13:31


Tom Foolery01/05/2021 13:24
Yeah, until democrats ram high corporate taxes and socialism down corporations throats while further blowing out the budget.

I Take Ur Freeze Peach01/05/2021 14:03

Wow. Puerto Rico has a rather complex political system and the desire for statehood transcends typical American conservative/progressive rhetoric. It is not going to become a state anytime soon, if ever. Many Puerto Ricans do not want it. My guess is you've been reading trash patriot e-zines. 🙄

I Take Ur Freeze Peach01/05/2021 13:57

Hey, be careful drinking that Kool-Aid. BTW, whatever happened to that migrant caravan that was going to invade the U.S. and completely change our way of life? 🤔 Republicans have promised us socialism if we elected Democrats. Now that we've elected Democrats—I EXPECT REPUBLICANS TO KEEP THEIR WORD. 😑

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